While businesses are struggling to keep afloat, the floral game has seen an upswing across the board. Experts believe the demand for flowers will increase in the new year as people are creating a natural environment as they spend more time at home. 

Here are a few floral industry trends in 2022 to keep an eye on. 

Floral Industry Trends 2022


Recently, people are bringing the outside in, and nothing screams the great outdoors more than wildflowers. From lupines, sunflowers, and daisies, wildflowers will be decorating home doorways and adorning brides’ heads as crowns. Florists in downtown Toronto appreciate the subtle beauty of these natural flowers.

Organic Flowers

Farmers who use chemical-free soil and fertilizer and avoid using pesticides are contributing to the world’s future and protecting mankind. Organic flowers are free from harmful substances that can damage your health. Furthermore, these flowers have longevity in comparison to other blooms. Many florists in Toronto try their best to seek out organic and sustainable products, and on top of that, more florists are turning to local suppliers to get their flowers. 

Preserved Flowers

By preserved flowers, we mean fresh flowers in Toronto that have been treated and dried. Dried flowers are used in bouquets, wreaths, and hanging arrangements. These arrangements offer a subtle way to freshen a room with a sweet aroma dried flowers are far from sweet aroma!

Flower Subscriptions

Why wait until a special occasion to send or receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Flower subscriptions are expected to see a big jump in 2022, particularly with homeowners. With more time at home, fresh flowers rotated on a weekly or monthly basis can bring a pop of colour and sweet aroma to your personal space. Floral shops offer personal subscription services which allow customers more time for work and family. 

Flowers Arranged Around Themselves

One of the newest trends is having flower arrangements combined, some in vases while other mixed blossoms in assorted vessels. Florists can create an arrangement with a charger plate or even along a wooden base or table runner. The objects used to display can complement the theme of the room. Depending on the collection, rich colours and deep textures can be used to create a masterpiece. 


In keeping with the organic and natural styles, adding wheat to floral bouquets, sprays, and décor seems to be on the rise. Often seen in wedding setups, wheat can be used with blossoms, grass bunches, and grain strains to create stand-up sprays. This raw material is just the latest addition to a long list of floral trends to be seen in 2022.

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