Of all of the gifts one can offer to another, flowers may be the most thoughtful and most appreciated token. The bright colours, the lasting fragrance, and the meaning behind the gift can bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Whether it’s to convey our feelings or to brighten someone’s day, flowers are the substitution for our words. Flowers reflect our emotions. They also have different meanings depending on the variation and/or colour combination. 

Below we list six reasons why giving fresh flowers for gifts is a great way to show your appreciation.

6 Reasons to Give Flowers as a Gift

They Bring a Smile

Sending flowers to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one, or even a job, will not only bring a smile to their face but a spring in their step! Additionally, flowers are known for being a stress reliever. The shape and texture of the petals, the colours, and the fragrance can boost one’s mindset. In fact, a behavioural research study published by Harvard Medical School suggests that fresh flowers can decrease one’s anxiety and depression.  

Everyone Loves Flowers

Everyone loves flowers is a powerful statement. But it’s true! Flowers can bring precious memories to the forefront and choosing the right flower and scent can take you back in time. Furthermore, receiving a bouquet of elegant flowers can turn a challenging time into the best day of your life! Just knowing someone cares about you as a person, regardless of the relationship, can put life in perspective. 


When discussing diversity of flowers as gifts, it refers to the countless species and variations to choose from. While many cultures associate red roses with love, there are also many other flower varieties that symbolize love, such as the tulip or orchid. Understanding the origin and the meaning of one’s favourite type of flower can help you convey the right message. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, so is a bouquet of flowers.  

They Boost Intimate Relationships

The use of flowers to show affection for another person has been slated in stone since the dawn of time. Children pick wildflowers to take home to their mother, young lovers give flowers to the one who makes their heart soar, and couples often use them to be spontaneous to their partners.  

So why are flowers the go-to gift for intimate relationships? Simply put, flowers ignite feelings of being loved and appreciated in a person. They can be made more personable by offering one’s favourite type, scent, or colour of flowers. THIS initiated effort conveys heartfelt appreciation. 

Flowers Can Be a Gift on Every Occasion

For centuries, flowers have been used as a token of appreciation, a tactile apology, and even as a gift to say, “get well soon”. Whether it be a birth, an anniversary, a birthday, or a commercially promoted special day like Valentine’s Day, flowers speak volumes. When a death of a loved one, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance occurs, sending flowers to the family is the first thing that often comes to mind.  

They Impress Visually

A good impression is key in both our professional and personal lives. Let flowers do the talking with a beautiful arrangement or a simple single statement. A vase of blooms can make a dreary entryway come to life or a themed centrepiece can make a set table pop. Flowers given to someone to express affection or concern can carry the intended impression for a long time and be timeless in most situations.  

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