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To mark the sacred occasion known as Passover, use flowers as gifts or to welcome guests into your home. San Remo Florist can help keep the tradition of Night of Lettuce and Flowers going with Passover floral gifts in Toronto.

This ritual was observed with bachelors standing in the street with a flower to give to the unmarried woman he wanted to court. Men would line the streets while single women would stand on their porch, waiting to be the chosen one. Once the man chose his desired love, she would invite him in to profess his feelings to her parents.

Creative Passover Floral Arrangements and Decorating Ideas
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Celebrating Passover

Passover is a holiday in Judaism, remembering the emancipation of Hebrews from slavery and exodus in ancient Egypt. It also marks the saving of the Israelites’ firstborns.

Also called Pesach, Passover is observed from the 15th through to the 21st in the month known as Nisan. It is celebrated in either March or April, depending on the calendar year.

Passover is a meaningful time for Jewish people as Easter and Passover are celebrated at the same time. Just as The Last Supper marks a significant event in Christian religions, the Jewish community recognizes The Seder.

On the first night of the seven-night tradition, The Seder is a family gathering where food, recitations, and prayers are shared. Many have restricted diets and refrain from particular habits.
Another familiar name for Passover is the Festival of Unleavened Bread. All leavened bread is prohibited and only unleavened bread, referred to as matzo, is substituted during the week.

What Flowers or Floral Gifts Should You Send for Passover?

Passover flowers are often spring blossoms such as tulips, lilies, carnations, violets, and hyacinths. The flowers used for The Seder traditionally are hues of blue and white, the same colours associated with Jewish celebrations, as mentioned in the Torah. Yellow daffodils are also sometimes used, as these spring flowers are associated with Easter.

For orders of floral gifts for Passover online for family or friends, our friendly design team would be happy to help you create a lovely arrangement. Preparation for Passover, particularly The Seder, takes time and effort, so your thoughtful gift will certainly be appreciated.

At San Remo Florist, we will ensure all details of your online floral gifts in Toronto are attended to and suitable for the recipient. We also provide personalized service of transforming any venue into a customized experience. From dramatic centrepieces to backdrops and props, San Remo should be your floral shop of choice.

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What San Remo Florist Provides for Passover Gifts & Floral Arrangements in Toronto

If you are looking for Passover floral gifts or flowers, contact us at San Remo Florist. We have been serving our community with classic, elegant, and traditional arrangements for over half a century. As Toronto’s premier florist for event planners, charities, and residential delivery, our design team will meet all your floral needs. Buy Passover flowers online in Toronto from San Remo today!