Christmas Flower Arrangements and Decor in Toronto

Winter snow brings warm memories of Christmas’ past, so why not celebrate with vibrant and colourful Christmas flower arrangements in Toronto? Flowers work for Christmas décor and as personal gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

Look to the experts at San Remo Florist to help you create Christmas flower decorations and for the special people on your list. Whether it’s your boss, neighbour, or a family member, flowers are the perfect present.

Christmas Flower Arrangements and Decorations

Among the gold ribbon, silver wrappings, and lush greenery, imagine bold bright colours of red, yellow, and orange peeking through. As a premier florist for Christmas decorations, San Remo Florist offers bouquets, arrangements, and glorious centrepieces to showcase your mantel or table setting.

Which Flowers Are Most Associated with Christmas?

Businesses and homeowners highlight their Christmas displays with the vibrant poinsettia. Traditionally, this deep-red bloom is used in planters but has been expanded to brighten wreaths, garland, and centrepieces. Today, the market offers an array of colours such as blue, light green, and cream to coordinate décor.

You often see the graceful amaryllises used in table settings and arrangements. These trumpet-shaped flowers are tall and come in shades of white, pink, and burgundy, all of which add a pop of colour to strategically placed greenery.

We can’t overlook the amazing colours and surprise blooms of the Christmas cactus. Some people have had their plant bloom colours of red, bright pink, yellow, orange, or magenta throughout the year!

Mistletoe is a Christmas tradition and favourite doorway decoration. Kissing under sprigs of mistletoe began in ancient times from a Scandinavian mythology tale of the god Baldur. After he was killed by a mistletoe arrow, his mother wept, and her tears formed white berries on the arrow. The berries were placed on the wound and Baldur returned to life! His mother blessed the plant with a kiss to everyone who passed under the mistletoe. So began the tradition of hanging mistletoe!

Why Choose San Remo Florist for Christmas Flower Arrangements in Toronto?

When it comes to flower decorations in Toronto, San Remo Florist is the premier choice to bring Christmas traditions to life. Looking for a modern twist this year? We offer a selection of local suppliers to choose from as well as special blooms from across the world. Whether you have something in mind or are at a loss for ideas, our knowledgeable staff have been helping our neighbours celebrate Christmas with flowers for more than 50 years!

Contact San Remo Florist for Your Christmas Flower Arrangements in Toronto

We all could use a special pick-me-up this year, so why not use flowers to convey your love and comforting thoughts? We have a selection of gifts to add for that special touch! Leave behind the crowds and stress of mall shopping by using our reliable and quick personal Toronto Christmas flower delivery service. Contact us today to discuss your holiday décor or check off that special someone from your holiday gift list.