Fresh Floral Arrangements & Flower Delivery for Thanksgiving in Toronto

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and show appreciation to those in your life. And what better way to express this sentiment than ordering a fresh flower delivery for Thanksgiving! San Remo Florist has a wide selection of orange, yellow, and red blooms to dazzle any Thanksgiving table!

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Who Should You Send Flowers & Gifts to on Thanksgiving?

Everyone is deserving of fresh floral arrangements for Thanksgiving. Give flowers to those you are thankful to have in your life. Whether they’re for your partner to decorate the family dining table or friends across the country, show your love with flowers.

The first Thanksgiving feast in North America was in celebration of the harvest season by indigenous peoples and pilgrims throughout the continent. After the settlement of Europeans, the commemoration of the harvest was in November until 1957, when the Canadian Parliament set the date on the second Monday in October to be recognized as Thanksgiving Day.

Since it occurs during the fall harvest, Thanksgiving is celebrated with plenty of food—the bounty of Mother Nature. Flowers are also part of nature’s bounty and will complement any décor. At San Remo Florist, we have endless options for fresh flowers for Thanksgiving in Toronto.

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Great Flowers & Gifts for Thanksgiving in Toronto

When people use flowers to express gratitude, they are saying much more than “thank you.” By purchasing fresh floral arrangements in Toronto, you are sending your appreciation, love, and admiration for the recipient(s).

The design team at San Remo can use fall flowers brushed with colours of red, orange, yellow, and white.

Chrysanthemums, known as mums, offer shades of these seasonal colours in varying sizes to form a beautiful centrepiece. Adding a bit of purple fountain grass as the filler will help these colours pop in any décor.

Another autumn flower we enjoy using is from the colourful pansy family. From the standby species we all know to new varieties, the pansy is available in hues and shades found in the rainbow spectrum.

Asters are a fall perennial and an annual in some parts of the country. As one of the favourite flowers of bees and butterflies, asters can be found in colours of pink, blue, purple, and white.
We pride ourselves in supplying one of the most popular autumn flowers, the Black-Eyed Susan. Often used in an arrangement with mums, these gold and yellow beauties are the perfect Thanksgiving flower.

What San Remo Provides for Thanksgiving in Toronto

As a leading Toronto florist, San Remo offers elegant fresh floral arrangements for Thanksgiving. Whether you are looking for floral gifts for your Thanksgiving dinner host or want a stunning arrangement for a celebratory gathering to decorate your own home, we can help.

Floral Arrangement Ideas for Thanksgiving
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How to Order Fresh Floral Arrangements & Flowers for Thanksgiving in Toronto

The friendly and knowledgeable floral design team at San Remo Florist can create any bouquet or arrangement to suit your needs or décor. Buy Thanksgiving flowers online with our easy-to-use order form. Contact our consultants at (416) 652-1822 to discuss your vision!