As you start preparing your holiday décor, consider ordering some Christmas flower arrangements in Toronto. Flowers can brighten up a space, and the dark, dim winter days often need the extra help! Using fresh flowers for Christmas decorations for your home in the entryway, dining room, and living room brings the holiday cheer. Plus, the scents of seasonal flowers can add a new dimension to your décor. 

Christmas Flower Arrangements in Toronto

With the wide array of floral decorations for Christmas, it can make choosing your favourite styles difficult. Don’t fret—we have some suggestions! Here are some great ways to add bright pops of colour throughout your home this season and get you and your guests in the holiday spirit. 

Long-Lasting Flowers

Many types of flowers last for several weeks so you can enjoy the fresh scents throughout the holiday season. The popular poinsettia lasts for several weeks that come in an array of colours such as red, white, pink, and bi-colour.

The amaryllis boosts a lifespan of seven weeks. The Greek meaning of amaryllis is sparkle, which this flower does in the eyes of the fan, especially at Christmas. They symbolize strength, determination, and pride.

To add a luxurious touch to your Christmas décor, how about an orchid? The long-lasting orchids add a class of sophistication to the holiday season. 

Rosy Red Christmas Bouquets

To most, the colour of the holiday season is red. When thinking about Christmas flowers, most people automatically turn to the popular red poinsettia. 

Legend has it a young girl wanted to present a gift for baby Jesus at a Christmas service but could only afford weeds. Upon placement at the Nativity scene, the weeds bloomed into a poinsettia. 

Another popular Christmas red blooms is the amaryllis. Although this plant originates in Central and South America, it flourishes during the winter season indoors. Nothing screams Christmas more than deep red florals and dark green foliage. 

Colourful Arrangements

When deciding on floral décor, choose vibrant coloured flowers! Begin by selecting one colour along with a few complementary hues to add contrast.

While red may be the most popular Christmas floral colour, there are also other colourful flowers that bloom during the holiday season. Christmas greens pop with red and white, but light pinks, lavender, and shades of icy blue also evoke a festive feeling and look great with winter greenery. 

Floral Christmas Tree

The showcase of the Christmas season is the tree! Normally, ornaments, lights, and garland decorate the tree. 

But what about trading the traditional tree décor with fresh and dried flowers? 

With the wide range of Christmas floral options available, the tree can be a blank slate to create a masterpiece! Whether your tree is real or artificial, the amazing aromas of the added flowers will add to the whimsical décor. 

Depending on your décor theme, Christmas flowers with gold ornaments can also add a sparkle with a dash of a festive feel to your home. 

White Alstroemeria Christmas Bouquet

White alstroemeria provide a statement against red filler in a bouquet. Placed in a silver vase or surrounded by golden candles with greenery and pinecones, alstroemeria heighten the Christmas spirit. 

Also referred to as Peruvian or Princess Lily, this bloom signifies strong friendship and devotion. Each of the six petals symbolizes a characteristic: patience, empathy, humour, understanding, respect, and commitment. 

Festive Statues & Decorative Accents

First impressions are everything, so don’t forget about your entryway and doorstep when it comes to Christmas décor. 

Large vases and planters can be dressed in lush greenery, bright red berries, and golden or silver-sprayed branches. Floral designers can choose the perfect accent to complement your Christmas décor. 

Christmas Centerpiece with White Lilies and Candles

Christmas tradition calls for an elegant floral centrepiece. Centrepieces can be arranged to fit on the dinner table, on an entryway table, or on a mantlepiece. These showpieces often include Christmas florals such as lilies, roses, carnations, poinsettias, or hydrangeas. 

A Christmas centrepiece with white lilies, white hydrangeas, and tall taper candles can look like a snow blanket! 

A Christmas Hanging Branch with Floral Decorations

Now you have your table, tree, and rooms flowing with gorgeous Christmas flowers, what about the rest of the house? 

Try decorating archways, entryways, and staircases with hanging branches with flowers. Using vine branches, willow branches, and berry branches can add another dimension to a room. Hanging branches, adorn with any of the Christmas flowers we’ve mentioned, floating down from the ceiling can provide a natural, warm atmosphere. 

And don’t forget the mistletoe. A Christmas tradition for many homes is hanging the mistletoe in a doorway or archway. The dark green leaves and round white berries compliment the holiday décor. Furthermore, the backstory of the mistletoe being a traditional kissing post adds to the Christmas magic!

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