Did you know that the traditional of sending funeral flower arrangements began centuries ago? Today, funeral flower arrangements are delivered as a sign of respect and compassion for the dead, as well as for the living. In a survey of funeral directors, 73% said families felt the flowers sent in respect gave comfort.

Funeral Flower Arrangements Delivery

When choosing flowers for the funeral of a loved one, friend, or business associate, it helps to know which type of flower is appropriate. We complied a list of the most popular flowers for funerals and outlined their distinct meanings. Keep reading below! 

Types of Floral Arrangements for Funerals in Toronto

The assorted types and sizes of arrangements at funerals each have a precise function and placement. There are small baskets of assorted flowers, large standing floral displays, and some arranged in a shape. The type of funeral flowers you send can also depend on your relationship with the deceased. Here are a few options:

Flower Tributes, Vase Arrangements and Hand-Tied Bouquets

Flower tributes, vase arrangements or hand-tied bouquets are generally sent directly to the family’s home but can be delivered to the funeral service. These are usually small arrangements purchased by members of the family, close friends, and co-workers. 


A wreath of flowers is sent directly to the place of the service. These large arrangements have one or two types of flowers or with a variety of flowers that complement each other. They are purchased by family members as they represent eternal life or the circle of life. 


A floral arrangement in the shape of a cross is ordered by the immediate family. Crosses are generally reserved if the deceased was dedicated to Christianity. Flowers of one variety are commonly used to outline the cross shape and displayed on a stand near the casket or urn for the service. 

Casket Spray

As the name implies, a casket spray is placed on the casket once it is closed for the last time. Custom-made with the favourite flowers of the deceased, these sprays are purchased by the immediate family. As the largest arrangement, it cascades across the casket lengthwise. Often, the casket spray is laid at the final resting place of the deceased with a single flower offered to each family member or close friend. 

Inside Pieces

Although not often seen, some families chose to place floral arrangements in the casket with the deceased. These inside pieces are purchased by the immediate family and usually represent the young children or grandchildren. 

Easel Floral Spray

An easel spray is an arrangement of assorted flowers, sent to the funeral home or place of service. These sprays are sent only by close friends or family members. They are displayed near the casket, or urn, sitting on an easel, usually at a height between one to three feet.

6 Popular Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

Before sending a floral arrangement for a funeral service, it is important to understand the 

implications behind the flowers as each one signifies a specific meaning. The culture and religion of the deceased also has a significant impact on choosing the appropriate flower or plant. 

Lily (Peace of Lily Plant)

One of the most popular flowers at a service is the lily, more specifically, a Peace of Lily plant. As these sturdy flowers represent sympathy and peace, it is used to symbolize the rebirth of the soul in a better world. While the white lily is commonly used, they do come in an array of colours such as yellow, pink, and orange. These strong fragrant plants can last up to 14 days with proper care. 


Orchids are known as an exclusive flower due to its delicacy and longevity and they often symbolize eternal love. With proper care, these plants can last for a century, which makes them a  popular choice for funeral arrangements. The colours symbolize the relationship to the deceased as yellow represents friendship, pink is for grace, and purple orchids are for respect. 


Many think carnations are not a go-to funeral flower; however, the meaning behind the short-lived flower commands use and attention. Pink carnations are often sent to Christian funerals, particularly Catholic services, as many believe they represent the tears of the Virgin Mary. From this, they are thought to symbolize the love of the deceased’s mother, which is why many mothers have them when burying their child, young or old. As a friend or colleague, sending purple carnations represent your grief and sympathy. Red and white carnations are also acceptable.


The red rose is often offered as a symbol of love for joyous occasions. With a funeral, the deep red colour also is sent for grief and sorrow. As with other flowers, white represents innocence and yellow is sent by close friends to symbolize the bond. Funeral floral arrangements with deep pink roses are a sign of thankfulness towards the deceased.


If you think of the word “gladiator” when you see the word gladioli, it is understandable considering it is the Latin word for sword. Used as a filler or a complete arrangement for standing sprays, gladioli represent sincerity, moral integrity, and faithfulness. While they can be a common funeral flower, they are often sent to those who spent their lives serving their communities. 

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