Flowers speak volumes and coordinating floral decorations for corporate events takes a lot more effort than placing a few stems in a corner vase. Choosing the theme, colour, and type of blooms can be overwhelming especially with the vast assortment available on the market today. Whether looking for a selection of arrangements for a conference or décor for a product launch, it’s important to know how to choose the right flowers for corporate events. 

Flower Arrangements for Corporate Events

Here are some expert tips.

Consider the Type of Event

Before calling the florist, understand the type of corporate event being held. Is it a company milestone celebration, a seminar, or an executive retreat? What sort of floral displays are required? A huge celebration may call for table centrepieces while a conference may call for tall standing arrangements on a stage. The time of the event may also be pertinent as some flowers bloom at their best in the mornings while others can highlight an evening’s soiree. 

Choose Seasonal Flowers

To make the biggest impression, choose seasonal flowers and arrangements for your corporate event. Regardless of the time of the year or location, there are always a vast number of flowers to choose from. For Christmas events, poinsettias or amaryllises set the tone while zinnias or peonies could highlight a white summer soft launch. 

Oftentimes, choosing seasonal flowers offers more benefits than coordination with the timing of the event. By using seasonal flowers, you can save money as these flowers have a higher rate of obtainability and can be accessed for those last-minute arrangements. 

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

Flowers are the easiest part of the décor to colour coordinate. The theme of the event can, and should, be reflected in the colouring of the floral arrangements. Keep in mind the emotion behind the colour such as pastels and soft hues suggest warmth and youth while bright yellow and purple can demand energy and drama. 

Of course, the colour scheme needs to incorporate the company’s vision or logo. If the flower of choice is not the exact match, discuss options with your florist as they can do wonders with all types of blooms. For the best flowers for corporate events in Toronto, the sky has no limits!

Choose Specific Arrangements

Having flowers do the talking for the corporate event means pulling all the stops when choosing floral arrangement. Regardless of the size, or the importance of the event, a single bloom in a glass bowl on each table may present a bold statement or a bouquet of coordinating flowers may be more suitable. 

When it comes to floral arrangements, there are endless choices such as a stunning floral wall or a display of flowers arranged to duplicate your product or company logo. 

Specify Your Budget

This is important! It may be crass to discuss money, but every penny counts when it comes to business and hiring a florist is no different. Any form of the corporate event has a set budget, so make sure the decoration category has sufficient funds for high-end flowers. This small part of the overall budget will set the tone and create an ambiance. 

Your chosen florist can help with the set budget as they can use fillers, candles, and other related décor to offset the number of flowers. 

Remember Your Audience

When choosing the type of bloom, keep the participants of the corporate event in mind. For example, if it is an employee appreciation event, be mindful of any allergies to scents or flowers as your florist can offer options. 

As important as the colour and type of arrangement may be to the theme, the flower species has equally as much power. If your company is large in the sustainability market, there are options to reflect these practices with the floral arrangement.

Knowledge is power and knowing the meaning behind the flower can help prevent offending guests. Take the chrysanthemum for instance. With the petals turned inward and up, it is considered a death flower to many Europeans while in some Asian cultures, this flower is used to express positivity and respect. 

Do Your Research

In addition to knowing your audience and what blooms are more appropriate, research every step along the way. This will not only help to make your job as a planner go smoothly, but it will also help your chosen florist to understand the direction of the event. Working together, the floral details will be one of the easier tasks to accomplish! 

In terms of the florist, research the company that can provide all of the blooms you are searching for and still maintain the event budget. Start by reading reviews and make a list of questions for the florist when you reach out to various shops. 

Go Local

Lastly, when researching florists, consider using a local florist. Big or small, local florists will understand the community and can offer advice on the perfect floral choices for your event. 

Don’t assume going local means low quality. What it does mean, however, is that the likelihood of being able to provide fast or last-minute delivers is higher since they are located closer to your event. Florists are professionals and like any business, they depend on word-of-mouth and positive reviews to stay afloat, especially in these times. Talk to each florist about your vision and budget. Their answer will make your decision for you.

Choose the Best Florist for Your Corporate Events in Toronto

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