Choosing flowers for a wedding is often one of the last items ticked off a wedding to-do list. But it shouldn’t be.
Wedding flowers are actually a staple for weddings—they can create the ambiance or enhance the theme. Plus, your bridal bouquet is likely going to be seen in every photo you take! Because of that, wedding flowers deserve the same consideration finding the perfect dress or venue would.
Flower Decoration & Arrangements For Wedding In Toronto

Below we list some of the top benefits to choosing your wedding flowers early during your wedding planning process.

Helps Set the Tone for Your Theme and Venue Décor

One of the things brides (and grooms) consider when planning their weddings is the overall theme. This usually involved the colour scheme, décor, and of course, the flowers. The type of flowers you choose can really tie everything together. Adventurous couples may want an outdoor wedding combined with all that nature has to offer. Flowers for such a ceremony greatly differ than those for a romantic, intimate wedding set in a cathedral.

Visualize the entire set-up of the special day. The species and number of flowers required will depend on the venue and the number of guests. Your wedding florist will be able to design the arrangements and bouquets based on the theme and venue you have in mind.

Helps You to Stay in Budget

Let’s be honest: wedding aren’t cheap! In fact, wedding costs are notorious for surpassing the original budget calculations.

As a general rule of thumb, allow at least 10% of your overall budget to the flowers. By knowing the type of wedding flowers that you want and if they will be in season at the time of your wedding, you will be far ahead in the budget game.

It’s important to have a firm budget in mind when consulting with your wedding florist. If you want grand floral statements, be sure to convey that with your florist.

Easy and Stress-Free Organization

Planning your wedding should be as enjoyable as the day itself. Tackling the flower choices and ordering in the beginning stages of planning can help ease the stress. In fact, early flower planning will help you to mentally coordinate the venue, theme, and style of the wedding.

Leaving this to the last minute may have you rushing through the choices available and not being able to have the flowers you desire.

Allows You to Book the Best Florist in the GTA

Lastly and most importantly, early floral planning will guarantee you have your choice of the top wedding florist in Toronto! There’s a reason why the most experienced florists tend to book up early! They also happen to be the most sought-after. Typically, florists will only take on one wedding per day to ensure that they can focus exclusively on their client. If you have your eye on a specific local florist, don’t wait too long to book them!

The wedding specialists of San Remo Florist are ready to help you make all your wedding floral dreams come true! Our skilled design team works with local and international suppliers to create custom arrangements and special bouquets. Contact us to start planning for your special day!