International Women’s Day is almost here! March 8th commemorates the achievements of women over the years in the cultural, social, economic, and political fields.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. The Canadian government has embraced the theme with their own focus of “Every Woman Counts”. This year, International Women’s Day highlights the importance of protecting female rights in the digital age with protection from gender-based online violence.

Flowers on International Women’s Day?

Why Do People Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Every female has their own reason, and way, for celebrating International Women’s Day. Observation first began in the early 1900s with brave actions of women calling for equality in the labour movement. It wasn’t until 1975 when International Women’s Day was officially recognized by the United Nations on the world stage.

Why Give Flowers on International Women’s Day?

Gifting flowers for Women’s Day to the special female(s) in your life is the top choice across the board for many reasons.


Gifting flowers is a long-standing tradition of International Women’s Day. Mimosa flower branches were offered to women as a symbol of strength, sensitivity, support and respect on this day in the early 1900s. 

Flowers Show Appreciation

Flowers are a symbol of appreciation, which is why they are perfect for Women’s Day. Gifting a female family member or friend with flowers is a sign of admiration. 

Flowers Stand for Love, Respect, Friendship, and Thankfulness

Flowers represent a variety of emotions and feelings. White represents purity, green is the sign of hope, purple offers a statement for justice and dignity, and the colour yellow symbolizes loyalty and happiness.  

What Are the Best Luxury Flowers to Gift on Women’s Day?

Luxury floral gifts for Women’s Day are as unique as the recipient. While a bouquet or arrangement of flowers are a welcomed gift, for this celebration, consider the following types of flowers. 


Symbolizing respect and elegance, it isn’t hard to see why the mimosa flower was chosen to represent Women’s Day. Traditionally, it is also one of the first flowers to bloom in March, providing accessibility for many across the world. 


Another seasonal flower, the tulip, embodies the emotion of elegance, beauty, and grace. International Women’s Day floral gifts with tulips are available in in various colours.


Roses have long been the unofficial symbol of love. Why not express this sentiment with purple roses in respect for International Women’s Day 2023. Whatever colour you choose, recognition of this special day will be appreciated by the recipient. 


The feminine allure of lilies makes them a perfect flower for International Women’s Day. Representing devotion, gifting a lily to a female friend or coworker tips the scales in its favour. 

San Remo’s High-End Floral Arrangements & Gifts for International Women’s Day!

Recognizing International Women’s Day with flowers can be done in a variety of ways. With the help of a local florist, you can send that special woman in your life flowers to mark the occasion. At San Remo, we offer the following options: 

Collection of High-Quality Flowers in Stunning Vase Arrangements

We offer a variety of luxury floral arrangements to choose from presented in complementing stunning vases. 
Luxury floral gifts for Women's Day

Lush Collection of Flower with Florists’ Choice Vase Arrangements

Our floral experts can create a fabulous lush collection of flowers in a spectacular variety of vases. 

Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Customized Flower Arrangements with Small Vase.

Using seasonal flowers, such as tulips or mimosas, we will design a beautiful arrangement set in a unique vase. 

Luxury Floral Gifts in Toronto

Hand-Tied Bouquets with Premium Flowers

Beauty in a bouquet can be obtained with San Remo’s hand-tied bouquets of premium flowers.  

Classical Vase Arrangements for Mother

Why wait until Mother’s Day to recognize the strength of a mother’s love with our lush flower collection? 

Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Fresh Luxury and High-Quality Flowers

Extend the sentiment of International Women’s Day with our fresh floral subscription service. 

Everyday Flower Delivery the Bridle Path

Romantic Vase Arrangements with Dozens of Premium Roses

Send a romantic admiration floral arrangement with our premium rose collections

Why Order Flowers from San Remo Florists?

To buy high-quality flowers in recognition of International Women’s Day, contact San Remo Florist. Our premium service and floral gifts have led to us as become Toronto’s premier floral design studio. Call us today at (416) 652-1822 to discuss the perfect floral gift for your loved one(s).