Show appreciation for the special women in your life with luxury flowers and arrangements for International Women’s Day on March 8. The 2022 theme is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Buy high-quality flowers in the GTA to express admiration for those women working towards a better future, whether it’s your mother, wife, daughter, or friend.

Luxury Flowers and Arrangements for Women's Day

Why Is International Women’s Day Celebrated?

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, women began protesting for better working conditions and wages as well as the right to vote. Equality has been at the base of all female movements since these times.
While Europe and America first recognized the women’s movement in 1908, it wasn’t until 1911 before it became an international celebration. The first globally recognized International Women’s Day was in 1911 with support shown by more than one million people.

In 1975, International Women’s Day became a United Nations-sanctioned global holiday. Today, billions of people observe the cultural, political, economical, and social endeavours lead by women in more than 100 countries.

After more than a century, women are still fighting to achieve equality in every aspect of their lives. This year’s theme promotes breaking the bias, stereotypes, and discrimination of women in the workplace, education facilities, and even in their own communities.

In Canada, International Women’s Day is regarded as a day for reflection, advocacy, celebration, and action. The Government of Canada has proclaimed the theme for March 8, 2022, as “Women Inspiring Women.”

In keeping with the international theme, Canada is focusing the spotlight on girls and women who make conscious choices daily to positively contribute to the social, political, cultural, and economic fields.

Why Give Flowers on International Women’s Day?

The importance of International Women’s Day can be seen across the globe as countries, cities, and businesses mark the day in varying degrees. Many European, Asian, and African countries show appreciation, with March 8 being a national holiday. In fact, in some countries such as China, Nepal, and Madagascar, the day is a holiday for women only.

Floral arrangements for International Women’s Day are a small token of appreciation for women as they are celebrated and recognized for their achievements. Over time, various flowers in the colours of purple, white, or green have been gifted in tributes to women by friends, family, colleagues, and employers. It is common for both men and women to shower a woman in their lives with floral gifts.

The Best Luxury Flowers for International Women’s Day

When considering floral gifts for Women’s Day in Toronto, here are a few great options to choose from.


The mimosa is one of the more popular symbolic flowers available to mark the occasion. In 1946, a group of Italian female activists declared the mimosa flower as the unofficial symbol for this day. The sunshine yellow flowers from the mimosa tree are meant to symbolize the sensitivity, sensibility, and strength of all women.


Tulips have gained popularity across the globe due to the shape of their petals and the assortment of colours. This classic flower is generally offered to recipients close to the heart to represent unconditional love.

As a spring flower, the tulip denotes rebirth or reform to begin a new chapter. This can translate to the hope for equality for all women. Deep rich purple and white blooms form a spectacular arrangement, making a bold statement of appreciation.


While red roses are the unofficial flower for love, the symbol can be relayed with the same sentiment for International Women’s Day. The same new beginning symbolism the tulip offers is received with the gift of yellow roses.

Dark pink roses indicate gratitude and appreciation, so they are the perfect flowers to gift for International Women’s Day. Whether you choose red or the luxurious purple hue to represent this day, roses equate to passion, sophistication, and loyalty.


The elegant petals of the lily symbolize purity and devotion. Lilies have ties to femininity in ancient Egypt, and Roman and Greek brides wore them for their commitment ceremonies. And in ancient Greek mythology, it is believed that Zeus’ wife, Hera, created lilies sprouting from the ground after drops of her breast milk fell. This may be why the white lily is used for birth gifts and to represent innocence with weddings.

Available in the colours of pink, white, or peach, a bouquet of lilies encapsulate femininity. In fact, florists recommend the yellow lily as a symbol of thankfulness. When planning luxury floral gifts in Toronto, choosing the graceful lily can express your appreciation.


International Women’s Day carries an abundance of meanings and symbolic references depending on the person. The classic peony is often overlooked when it comes to luxury floral gifts but this beautiful bloom fosters compassion and honour.

The peony is referred to as the Queen of Flowers in most of the floral world. Symbolizing compassion, romance, good luck, and prosperity, peonies are available in hues of pink, orange, white, and red. To match the meaning of International Women’s Day, an arrangement of yellow peonies will translate the message of hope and new beginnings.

Where to Buy Luxury Flowers and Arrangements for International Women’s Day in Toronto

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