There is still plenty of time to jazz up your home or retail space with extravagant summer floral gifts in Toronto. Whether you are creating a statement for your own enjoyment or want to spoil someone special with a lavish floral arrangement, summer flowers offer the best solution!

Best Summer Flowers for a Luxury Floral Gift in Toronto

Unveiling The Charm: Exploring Luxury Floral Gifts in Toronto

Looking for the best summer flowers in Toronto? Choose the popular luxurious blooms of lilies, dahlias, orchids, or roses as premium flower gifts for every occasion!

Lilies: Timeless Elegance

Lilies exude sophistication, luxury, and respect. With more than 100 species and 2,000 varieties, the lily is associated with purity and innocence. Lilies are often used to in different cultural and religious groupings.

Lillies can be incorporated into beautiful décor arrangements by using high-quality varieties with varying colour palettes. Highlighting the chosen shades with greenery, foliage, and smaller florals can enhance the visual appeal of the collection. Don’t be fooled by the delicate presentation of this bloom as it is known for its long-lasting beauty.

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Dahlias: Bold and Captivating

Did you know dahlias were introduced as a food source as well as a way to carry water through their hollow stems? People today enjoy the magnificent beauty of the bloom in a variety of ways to enhance the ambiance of a home, commercial space, and even in weddings.

The vibrant colours and features of dahlias as floral gifts provide a sense of warmth enwrapped in luxury. The striking petals, strong stems, and unique style puts this flower at the top of any summer floral gift list. Use the unique appeal of these blooms to create and design an opulent centrepiece, a lavish floral wreath, or an exclusive gift box.

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Orchids: Exotic Beauty

A selection of orchids in luxurious floral arrangements offer an exotic feel thanks to the stunning colours and fragrances of the flower. While there are up to 35,000 different orchid species worldwide, 63 are native to Canada. The most popular orchid blooms for summer floral gifts are phalaenopsis, cattleya, dendrobium, and cymbidium.

A striking orchid arrangement uses high-quality orchids of different varieties. Alone or perfectly paired with other blooms such as snapdragons, roses, calla lilies, and amaranthus, the characteristics of orchids are highlighted.

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Roses: Symbol of Luxury

Use roses to express your love and admiration for those special people in your life. As a sign of luxury, roses can be used to symbolize joy, friendship, or passion due in large part to the more than 300 species available. Choose from the Ballerina, Iceberg, Morden Blush, and more to find the perfect rose for every occasion.

Lavish high-end roses can be arranged in oversized installations, monochromatic tones, and luxurious cascading bouquets to represent an atmosphere of elegance. From rose centrepieces to cake decorations, customized rose arrangements set the tone and ambiance of a space.

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Explore San Remo’s Floral Gifts and Embrace the Beauty of Summer Flowers

Fresh flower delivery in Toronto is possible thanks to the stunning choices available atSan Remo Florist. Whether you’re looking for roses, dahlias, lilies, or orchids, our team of floral experts provide beautiful arrangements for your condo, home, or commercial space.

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