Passover is a Jewish holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt in 1300 B.C. While it represents the event of firstborn children being “passed over” for expected deaths at the order of Pharaoh Ramses II, the underlying message represents redemption and freedom for all. 

This year, embrace the traditions of Pesach with stunning Passover flower arrangements and decorations. This significant festival has long been celebrated with lavish flower arrangements. 

Creative Passover Floral Arrangements and Decorating Ideas

Creative Floral Decoration Ideas to Add a Festive Ambience to Your Home for Passover

The most popular flower arrangement for Passover include shades of blue and white. Lilies, daisies, irises, tulips, and violets are among the arrangements recommended by florists for Passover. 

Decorate Your Home with Traditional Passover Floral Wreaths

A lavish and unique idea is to use large floral arrangements and floral wreaths to welcome Passover and your guests. Decorating the front door with a vibrant floral wreath is a major welcoming attraction.


Dress Your Passover Seder Table with Spring Centerpieces

Consider using flower centerpiece ideas for Passover celebrations for the Seder ceremonial dinners. The arrangements can provide a loving statement while setting the tone for respect, freedom, and independence. 


Decorate Each Room of Your Home with Asymmetric Flower Arrangements

Baskets and vases filled with yellow, blue, white, and purple shades of peonies, tulips, and daffodils can be purposefully added to each and every room. 


Use Small Centerpieces with a Candle

Consider using small glass vases filled with blooms and a candle. Adding a white candle to a bounty of bright-coloured florals can enhance an elegant gathering. 

Small arrangements for Passover

San Remo’s Luxury Floral Arrangements to Get Your Home Ready for Passover

San Remo Florist offers unique floral gifts for special occasions and flower delivery for Passover, including: 

Customized Lush Collection of Flower in Vase

Our talented floral designers can customize a collection of lush premium flowers for your Passover Seder table or home décor. 

Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Collection of Three Tropical Plants in Decorative Containers

We offer a collection of tropical plants in decorative containers for Passover. Plants help to reduce stress and fatigue and have the ability to boost mood and creativity. 

Three Tropical Plants in Decorative Containers

Florists Choice Vase Arrangements

Encompass the meaning of the holiday with a stunning display of lavish blooms set in a beautiful vase chosen by our team of designers. 
Florists Choice Vase Arrangements for Passover

Customized Florists Choice Vase Arrangements

Using the tradition of breathtaking colours, we can customize a floral arrangement to express admiration and respect. 


Large Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements.

As orchids represent love, beauty, and thoughtfulness, choosing a large arrangement of phalaenopsis orchids for Passover is a meaningful gesture. 

large arrangement of phalaenopsis orchids

Floral Baskets

Preparation for Seder takes time and effort. Floral baskets provide a thoughtful gift of appreciation for the recipient. 


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