Easter flower arrangements and decorations brighten a room as well as the hearts of family and friends. Using fresh flowers for Easter gifts and décor has been a long-standing tradition to celebrate the season. 

Floral Gifts & Arrangements for Easter Celebrations

Types of Traditional Easter Flowers to Gift Loved Ones on Easter

Easter 2023 can be the year to take your Easter decorations to a higher level by incorporating various floral arrangements into your traditional décor. Flowers are a sign of spring and hope for the brighter days, especially after a long dark winter. 

Easter Lilies

Easter lilies as a representation of Christ’s Resurrection from the tomb. As a symbol of new beginnings and gratitude, these lilies are used in floral arrangements to inspire hope and love. Choose from traditional easter colours such as light pink and white.

White and Purple Tulips

White and purple tulips symbolize the royalty attached to the meaning behind Jesus Christ as being the son of God. The flower and colours signify love, passion, and spiritual devotion. Tulips are a classic traditional gift for unconditional love. 


Spring wouldn’t be spring without daisies. Representing kindness and purity, this flower species also offers a sweet aroma that brings a smile and a twinkle in the eye. Choose from white, purple, brown, and yellow to complement Easter colours. 


The bright sunny yellow colouring of the daffodil shows respect towards the recipient. In fact, these blooms are named Easter bells in some countries such as Germany. Admiration, love, and friendship can be presented with a bouquet of daffodils. 

Different Flower Decoration & Arrangement Ideas for Easter Celebrations

When it comes to creating stunning Easter decorations, there are many options to choose from. You can opt for the classic spring lilies and daffodils or combine them with other bright or pastel flowers. 


Floral Easter Cross

To give respect to the traditional “Flowering the Easter Cross” at many religious ceremonies, a floral Easter Cross can be included in the celebration. This time-honoured custom is done to represent the hope that is transformed from the pain and darkness that existed before the Resurrection of Christ.  


Baby’s Basket with Flowers

For the best flowers for Easter baskets, your local florist can offer a vast selection of tulips, daffodils, lilies, or daisies. The addition of greenery and baby’s breath can create a striking display of spring blooms. 


Decorating Easter Eggs with Flowers

Wondering how to decorate Easter eggs with flowers? Dried flowers can be used to enhance the fun and beauty of decorating Easter eggs. Choose from a variety of spring blooms at your local florist to use for this year’s Easter egg hunt or as an addition to a floral arrangement. 


Luxury Floral Wreaths for Doors

Greet the Easter season, and visitors, with a stunning floral wreath on the front door. These wreaths can be designed with any of the bright or pastel colours of Easter flowers. Interior doors can also be fitted with the appropriate floral wreath to complement the room’s décor. 
Floral Wreath

High-End Hanging Flower Displays

Hanging flower baskets and displays are a popular draw for many homeowners and businesses during the warmer weather. Using luxury and high-end blooms to create floral chandeliers, archway garlands, and flower balls can take Easter decorating to a new level. 


Large Floral Arrangements for Church Path/Gate

Easter floral arrangements can be extended from the home to the place of worship such as a church entryway. With many facilities adhering to no indoor flowers, decorating for the season can be done on the pathway leading to the building or along the gate. Floral archways and large greeting planters are a welcoming sight. 


Small Stunning Floral Centrepieces on Dining Tables

Family and friends gathering for Easter celebrations will be impressed with a selection of small stunning centrepiece ideas of gorgeous flowers. Having a few table decorating ideas with flowers in small vases strategically arranged across the dining table makes for great conversation pieces. 
Small Stunning Floral Centrepieces on Dining Tables

Seasonal Floral Arrangements

Spring weather can bring tulips, hyacinths, peonies, ranunculus, lilac, and forsythia blooms to life. Whether the flowers are arranged as a centerpiece, bouquet, or in a tasteful vase, Easter will be well represented. 


Luxury and Traditional Floral Bouquets for Gifts

Easter floral arrangements can be filled with luxurious blooms of daffodils, tulips, and lilies in an array of colours. Bouquets of various textures combined with lush greenery set the mood for happiness and for being grateful of all of life’s gifts. 


San Remo’s High-End Floral Gifts & Arrangements for Easter Celebrations


Florists’ Choice Vase Arrangements

Rely on our extensive inventory of spring flowers to have a lush collection of blooms delivered with our Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement. We have a range of colours and flowers to complement our array of vases. 
Corporate Event Floral Decoration

White Lily Flower Arrangements with Small Vase

Have our team design a special Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement with white lilies in a beautiful arrangement. Our blooms resonate with the thanks and sacred sentiment of the Easter season. 


Lush Collection of Flowers

Celebrate the colourful Easter season with our Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement. We customize the collection with our best lavish blooms to create a sunny array of smiles. 


Hand-Tied Floral Bouquets

At San Remo, our floral design experts can provide Florist’s Choice Hand-Tied Bouquet arrangement of lush flowers and greenery. 


Fresh Luxury Flowers

Our Fresh From the Market subscription package offers a stunning array of luxury blooms that can be delivered straight to the doorstep on regular basis. 
High-Quality fresh flowers

Choose the Perfect Gifts and Flower Arrangements from San Remo to Celebrate Easter 2023

Luxurious Easter flower gifts and arrangements in Toronto can be found at San Remo Florist. We are the area’s premier floral design studio for local venues and event planners, premier retailers, exclusive private members club, and prominent charities. Call us today at (416) 652-1822 to discuss the perfect floral gifts for Easter.