Now is the time to sign up for fall floral subscription services in Toronto! Create a lingering aura of happiness with a regular delivery of fresh flowers to your home or office. A floral subscription is also the perfect way to share the incredible colours of fall florals with friends and family.

Buying high-quality fall flowers in the GTA has never been easier with the reliable floral subscription service of San Remo Florist
Floral Subscription services in Toronto and the GTA

Exploring the Allure of Fall Flowers and Foliage

The great author and philosopher Albert Camus wrote “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”.

This statement becomes apparent this time of year as the leaves begin to change colour and vibrant flowers of reds, oranges, and yellows line gardens. Consider the multi-layered blooms of the dahlia. Symbolizing dignity and elegance, these gorgeous flowers own the stage in the fall. Add the regal sunflower or chrysanthemums to the mix and you have an arrangement of pure happiness and warmth leading into the cooler months. 

Now the beautiful fall flowers and foliage can be enjoyed inside thanks to fall flower subscription services from a professional florist.

How to Choose the Right Subscription Service in Toronto

Choosing the right floral subscription services in Toronto entails more than just comparing prices. A quality subscription service should provide customization, reliable delivery, and long-lasting blooms.
Here are some tips for choosing the best subscription service:

  • Use Reputable and Local Floral Subscription Services: Seek trustworthy professional florists such as San Remo Florist for your reliable “flower shop near me”. 
  • Opt for Services That Allow You to Customize Your Preferences: Consider services that offer customization to ensure the floral subscription is a personalized selection. 
  • Understand the Delivery Frequency and Timing: Choose a floral subscription service that meets the timing, location, and needs for the delivery. 
  • Freshness Guarantee: As fresh-cut flowers are perishable, speak to the florist about supply services and freshness guaranteed. 
  • Sustainability and Sourcing: With the goal of sustainability for many, it is important to ensure the sourcing and handling of the flowers meet high standards.
  • Recommendations and Reviews: Research online reviews and recommendations about the floral subscription service as customer service is important. 


What Are the Benefits of a Floral Subscription from San Remo Florist in Toronto?

Wondering about the benefits of a floral subscription? Fresh fall flowers in Toronto offer a wealth of practical and aesthetic advantages, but most of all, our blooms provide a sense of calm and bliss throughout the busy fall season. 

  • Continuous Freshness: Our flower subscriptions guarantee glorious fresh blooms delivered on a regular basis. 
  • Convenience: Having San Remo’s floral subscription means easy access to beautiful fresh flowers throughout the season without needing to reorder more flowers. 
  • Variety and Seasonality: We are proud to offer the freshest variety of seasonal blooms in the GTA. 
  • Professional Arrangements: Each floral subscription is designed by a highly qualified florist who takes pride in the finished product.
  • Customized Floral Subscription Services: San Remo can customize any floral subscription based on your preferred flower species, colour, and arrangement size so that it meets the needs of the recipient. 
  • Gift-Sending Made Easy: Our floral subscription services make gift-giving easy for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Flowers are the best environmentally friendly choice for home or office décor or to present as a gift for someone. 
  • Surprises and Discoveries: Imagine the immense joy and surprise for someone special when they receive a floral subscription service! 
  • Time Saving: Floral subscriptions provide time saving measures for special occasions and events. 


How to Subscribe to Our Fall Floral Delights


  • Book your first order online and we will contact you to set your schedule
  • Make a credit card payment (you will only be charged when flowers are delivered)
  • Cancel or pause deliveries at any time. We require 48 hour notice.


Sign Up for San Remo’s Flower Subscription Services and Discover the Beauty of Fall Flowers!

As a premier floral company, you can rely on the customized floral subscription services at San Remo Florist. We offer fresh flower delivery in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our bouquets and arrangements are sourced locally when available to ensure the finest quality for our floral subscription services.

For fresh floral subscription delivery, speak to our professional florists at (416) 652-1822 or email us at for more information.