Fall wedding flowers in Toronto are exquisite, romantic, and rustic all-in-one! Whether you choose to embrace the organic sustainability of using only local blooms or base the day around imported wedding flowers, the key is setting the right ambiance.

Wedding Flower

Local and imported flowers for weddings offer many different advantages when it comes to providing a bountiful selection of blooms. A couple wants to express their personality, their dreams, and the vision for the future through every aspect of the wedding day. Flowers are no exception.

With Ontario being home to more than 250 greenhouses, more than 50% of all flowers grown in Canada are locally (provincially) sourced. Imported flowers arrive in Canada from the U.S., Colombia, Ecuador, The Netherlands, and Mexico.

Advantages of Locally Sourced Flowers and Imported Flowers for Fall Weddings in Toronto


AdvantagesLocally Sourced Flowers for Weddings in TorontoImported Flowers for Weddings in Toronto
Freshness and QualityLong vase life since they are cut days before being neededWholesalers offer high-quality with use of enhancement sprays
Seasonal RelevanceModest selectionUnlimited options
Community SupportContribute to a community’s economySupports flower farms
Variety and UniquenessDistinctiveUnique, rare
Unconventional Colour OptionsLarge selection of fall coloursAny colour imaginable is grown somewhere in the world
PersonalizationGrown to preferenceExclusive blooms
Enhancing Design ElementsFocuses on targeted varieties for designExpanded colour and texture palette
Cost-EffectivenessSupports tight wedding budgetWholesaler discount
Environmental ConsiderationsNo need for use of chemical pesticides or excessive packagingLess need for artificial growing equipment as they are sourced in warm climates


Navigating the Decision-Making Process

Choosing fall flowers for a wedding in Toronto can be made easier with one simple step: hiring a professional florist. The beauty of fall wedding flowers is that the is an abundance of varieties, colours, and fragrances available whether locally sourced or imported. Working with a local florist can provide couples with various methods to ensure the special day is perfect with the right flower arrangements.

Wedding Theme

Depending on the preference of the couple, the theme of the wedding can be the guideline for flowers for wedding decorations in Toronto. Warm earthy tones of tan, brown, orange, and green can be implemented by more vibrant fall colours of yellow, red, gold, burgundy, and purple.

Budget Planning

With fall seasonal flowers in Toronto, using locally grown or imported blooms can be decided when doing the initial budget planning. Out-of-season flowers can also be obtained but at a significantly higher cost. A florist can offer estimates between the two types of sourced arrangements for a better idea of the costs associated with imported or local suppliers.

Environmental Values

Autumn wedding flowers are available from local and imported floral suppliers. If the couple values sustainability and wants to lower their carbon footprint (especially since weddings are known to produce a lot of waste), selecting flowers from the local area is a small choice. Local support enhances the stability of the local economy.

Ready to Decide? Choose Local vs. Imported Flowers for Your Fall Wedding in Toronto

At San Remo Florist, we understand the importance of sustainability in today’s weddings. We source all of our freshly cut flowers from local suppliers whenever possible to ensure you receive the highest quality and freshness while supporting the local economy.

As a leading wedding florist in Toronto, San Remo offers a large selection of wedding flower choices to accommodate your theme, budget, and preference. Give us a call at (416) 652-1822 or drop by our shop at 520 Keele Street, Unit 4 to discuss how we can bring your wedding vision to life!