There’s nothing like walking through a lively shopping mall—from the vast array of stores to the pop-up booths and delicious food kiosks. Wondering what can make the shopping experience all that more enjoyable? Beautiful floral decorations that set the mood. Here’s how you can improve the ambiance and the customer experience with floral decorations for shopping malls in Toronto.


The Impact of Floral Decor on Shopping Malls in Toronto

Fresh flower arrangements in Toronto are the perfect way to set the mood in public spaces such as shopping malls.

Creates an Atmosphere of Celebration

A flower arrangement immediately evoke a celebratory atmosphere. The vibrant colours of fresh flowers brighten a space, and creating a larger-than-life floral arrangement can speak volumes without the need for fanfare.

Elicits Emotions

You can create a sense of joy, happiness, and belonging with flowers as your shopping mall’s decor in Toronto. When people are in a good mood, they tend to spend more and may even splurge on a special gift for themselves.

Enhances the Shopping Pleasure

The hustle and bustle of a shopping mall can be daunting for some shoppers as they rush to find the perfect gift for their loved ones and friends (or themselves). What can be more pleasing than spending time in a space filled with striking floral bouquets and arrangements? Flowers help to bring a sense of calm and peace which is exactly what is needed sometimes.

Supports Local Artistry

One underrated impact of using premium flower decorations throughout a shopping mall is the exposure to local talent. Having a local florist design and style the floral arrangements to fit the space helps to showcase the incredible craftmanship and creativity within the local community.

How to Select the Perfect Flowers & Arrangements for Spectacular Mall Decor

Here’s how you can choose the right flowers, plants, and trees for your shopping mall.

Understand the Theme and Atmosphere

A shopping mall is often designed with a specific theme based on the type of shops it contains. Luxurious floral arrangements can be part of the elegant theme for some malls while a more whimsical theme can be produced with the use of vibrant and oversized flowers.

Look for Seasonal Selections

For luxury flower arrangements in Toronto during the winter, consider using seasonal selections of flowers that match the overall colour scheme of the mall. Reds, greens, silver, white, gold, and blues are the main hues for winter. During the spring and summer, opt for pastel hues of pinks, purples, and yellows to set the mood.

Consider Durability and Maintenance

When choosing flower decorations for shopping malls, consider the species that require little to no maintenance and will last throughout the shopping period. Given the high traffic a mall has, choose resilient blooms, like calla lilies and carnations, which can survive with a little neglect.

Engage the Senses

It is a known fact that walking in an area that features fresh flowers and greenery engages the senses. The sight of beautiful floral arrangements is matched by the pleasing aroma of the flowers. For some, the display of such natural beauty evokes wonderful childhood memories.

Choose Interactive and Photo-Worthy Designs

Shopping malls are filled year-round with kids, teenagers, and adults. Take this incredible opportunity to highlight your shopping complex by having floral arrangements as backdrops for social media exposure.

Collaborate with a Local Florist

Working with a local florist for flower decorations for your shopping mall in Toronto can result in stunning floral masterpieces. The talent, skills, and knowledge a florist brings to the planning table will enhance the visual and emotional appeal of the mall. Their amazing attention to detail will improve the ambiance while boosting sales within the stores.


Luxury Floral Arrangement and Decor Ideas for Shopping Malls in Toronto

Draw customers into your shopping mall complex with luxury floral décor. Here are some great ideas to consider.

  • Grand Entrance Archway
  • Statement Floral Installations
  • Extravagant Centerpieces
  • Large Seasonal Themed Displays
  • Chic Floral Walls
  • Artistic Floral Displays in Fountains or Pools
  • VIP Lounge with Floral Accents


Transform Your Shopping Mall with San Remo’s Floral Decorations in Toronto

At San Remo Florist, we provide fresh floral arrangements to create the perfect display. From small planters lining the resting areas to large floral displays along the walls or hanging from the ceiling, we can deliver on any design and style.

We are the area’s premier choice for venues with our personalized décor services and everyday flower delivery in the Bridle Path. Contact us today to arrange a floral décor consultation for your mall or shopping complex!