The joy of receiving a stunning bouquet of fresh cut flowers can quickly become dismay if the appropriate steps aren’t taken to care for them. Regardless of the source of your luxury flower delivery in the GTA, these incredible works of nature need TLC, especially soon after they are delivered. Extend the beauty and life of your flowers with these helpful tips for flower care and maintenance.

Tips for Flower Care and Maintenance

Remove Decorative Plastics & Tissues ASAP

One of the most important flower care tips for newly delivered flowers is to attend to them as soon as possible. Whether your dazzling bouquet arrives in a box or wrapped in plastic or paper, remove them from their packaging immediately. This includes the removal of accompanying décor, tags, cards, and any water vials. 

Always Cut the Stems before Placing Them in Water

Before transferring your arrangement into a vase, take the time to trim and cut the stems. Also, remove any leaves that will be below the water line of your vase. During packaging and delivery, the ends and tissues of fresh-cut flowers can become dry and have difficulty absorbing water. Cut the ends at least one-half inch at a 45-degree angle. Extend the life of the flowers by doing this at every water change.

Remove Dead or Wilting Leaves & Stems from Arrangements

With fresh flower decoration in Toronto, it is recommended to remove any leaves, petals, or flower buds that appear wilted or dead. Just as you would deadhead your outdoor plants, tend to your indoor flowers too. You may notice these portions and stems turning dark or becoming faded. Dead flowers release the odourless gas known as ethylene, which can be toxic to living flowers.

Keep the Flowers Away from Extreme Sunlight

A lesser-known tip for maintaining the freshness of flowers is keeping them away from bright sunlight. Many blooms such as tulips fade and wither quickly when exposed to high temperatures. The hot sunrays can also promote bacteria to form. A cool shady part of the room will help extend the beauty and life of your flowers. 

Avoid Sitting Your Flowers Beside Ripening Fruit or Vegetables

Did you know the placement of your fresh cut flowers near vegetables, or a fruit bowl, can cause them to die quickly? The same form of ethylene gas dead flowers emit can also be found in ripening fruit and vegetables. When it comes to caring for flower arrangements, displaying their beauty away from food is a huge factor.

Replenish the Water Frequently

As with any luxury floral gifts in Toronto, fresh cut flowers need frequent watering. While it is recommended to change the water in the vase every three to four days, monitor the water use, particularly in the first day or two of delivery. Don’t just add water to the existing level. Dump out all of the water (and any fallen foliage) before adding fresh room-temperature water. Flowers that blossom in cooler temperatures such as daffodils and tulips can withstand cooler water. 

Use Flower Foods to Nurture Your Flowers

Speaking of changing water, it is at this time you will want to feed the flowers with flower food packets. These packets contain nutrients to help your flowers last longer and healthier. If you run out of flower food, mix a solution of one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of bleach, and two teaspoons of lemon juice to add to the vase before adding water. Adding a crushed Vitamin C tablet can also help lower the pH level.

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