A wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers. Flowers are used at weddings and receptions to commemorate the special occasion by creating a happy, peaceful ambiance. In fact, luxury floral arrangements for weddings in Toronto offer a variety of options for bouquets, centrepieces, and décor.

The type of luxury floral arrangements used depends largely on the theme and colours of the wedding. Below, we list some specific floral collections you can choose from to help create a dream atmosphere for your special day.

Luxury floral arrangements for weddings in Toronto

Bridal Bouquets

A bridal bouquet is often considered the most important floral arrangement of all wedding flowers. The bouquet once represented happiness and satisfaction within the marriage, meanwhile the ribbon that tied the bunch together symbolized fellowship. 

In modern times, the bridal bouquet is used as an accessory for the bride. The style and flowers used is the main reference point for all other floral arrangements used throughout the wedding day, at the ceremony, and at the reception hall. 

Entryway Floral Arrangements

Wedding flowers in Toronto can be used to provide the best first impression for guests at the ceremony or reception. Church doorways and other venues, particularly the outdoors, can be the perfect setting for a floral archway. Adding fabric and greenery can transform any venue into a romantic scene. 

Hanging Arrangements

Hanging floral arrangements allow for a complete venue transformation into another world. Professional wedding florists in Toronto have access to flowers and greenery that perfectly descend upon the room.

With the proper custom structures, hanging arrangements offer an ambiance alternative to the standard vases and votives. Whether the ceremony or reception is held in a large room or outside under a pavilion, floral chandeliers enhance the background.

Welcome Table Floral Arrangements

Flower bouquets or bowls placed on the welcome table is another opportunity to help cherish the day. Often, the table is set near the wedding table at the reception or can be organized at the site of the ceremony.

Choose themed flowers and greenery to place beside the guestbook or card box. This is where guests place their cards and gifts or leave their well-wishes for the happy couple. Adding beautiful floral arrangements on your welcome table offer a sentiment of thank you. 

Table Centrepieces

Floral centrepieces usually take the largest portion of the wedding flower budget since couples tend to order arrangements for each guest table. It’s quite common to use the day’s theme, colours, and specific floral species to dress the tables with fresh flowers.

Adding matching gemstones or pearls can help introduce a bit of romance or sparkle to the table. Many florists recommended using votives or candles as bases for the floral arrangements. 

Floral Table Runners

As one of the more popular types of flower arrangements for a wedding in Toronto, floral runners are a masterpiece! Using long rows of greenery, flowers are individually placed along the table to give the illusion of a garland or table runner made of greenery.

Add floating candles in glass vases of varying heights to create a whimsical and romantic ambiance for your wedding reception.

Flower Girl Arrangements

The flower girl arrangements are another part of the bridal party floral compositions. The flower girl often tosses flower petals as she walks down the aisle towards the alter. Some brides prefer their flower girl to carry a miniature bouquet that replicates their own. 

These mini bouquets are made using one single flower with accompaniments of greenery or baby’s breath. A floral crown could also be placed on the flower girl’s head, depending on the overall theme of the wedding.

High-End Wedding Flower Wreaths

Another fantastic wedding floral arrangement is a wreath created with high-end flowers. The same type of flowers used in the ceremony can be displayed using a hoop and wiring, much like the tips of a Christmas wreath.

Many couples take the opportunity of large floral wreaths created to be used as a backdrop for wedding pictures. Having these as part of the décor provides guests another source of involvement in the big day. 

Ceremony Arrangements

Floral arrangements to be used at the wedding ceremony can be as big and bold or as small and classic as the bride and groom desire. In addition to the bouquets carried by the bridal party and entryway arrangements, flowers can decorate the aisle. 

The aisle is one of the most important venues of the day. Professional florists provide flower arrangements at the entry of the aisle, as floral markers, and along the aisleway as tossed petals.

You also have the option of choosing floral arrangements for the alter if you are getting married in a church.

Floral Statement Wall Arrangements

If a large wreath doesn’t suit the theme, a floral wall may be the perfect alternative! These “walls” are created with various types of flowers attached to a false wall. 

A floral wall can be used as a backdrop for pictures with guests. Throughout the reception, the bride and groom are constantly being pulled in many directions for pictures so why not have one selected space for just that?

Custom Floral Arrangements and Structures

Other floral structures to consider include archways leading into the wedding ceremony or reception hall. The archway may also be placed behind the alter in a church for an intimate atmosphere.

A floral moon gate is a version of the archway, similar to a floral wreath. The moon is regarded as a sign of happiness and joy. It has recently become part of wedding ceremonies in the Western world.

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