Mother’s Day is approaching fast! Whether you are celebrating your mom, or someone that has become a “mother” to you, choose to honour them with premium flowers and gifts for Mother’s Day

What better way to show your love and appreciation for your mother than by turning to Mother Nature herself? Flowers are a timeless gift that is sure to put a smile on your mother’s face.  

If you’re considering Mother’s Day flowers in Toronto, but aren’t sure which flowers say “I love” you best, we can help you choose the best arrangements based on their meanings and availability.


The Significance of Using Flowers and Floral Gifts on Mother’s Day

Flowers have long been used in various ways to celebrate a person, especially at Mother’s Day. There are three major reasons you should send floral arrangements for a Mother’s Day celebration. 

Flower Gifts Show You Care

In addition to stunning blooms, the recipient receives an instant stress reliever and a sense of appreciation for their selflessness over the years. While moms are celebrated everyday in some small ways, flowers speak volumes. Flowers carry the same amount of love and admiration as the homemade cards and gifts we made our moms as kids. 

Flowers Are Non-Materialistic

Flower gifts in Toronto are a non-materialistic option. The reason is because there is meaning behind the gift. Choosing mom’s favourite flowers shows that the gift was selected with thoughtfulness and personalization.  

Flowers Are Fragrant

For most moms, the fragrance of their favourite flower brings to mind special memories of times with family and friends. Many perfumes are made with the pure oils of flower petals. These notable aromas, along with the physical beauty of the flower, put a smile on mom’s face every time she sees them. 

The Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

You might know your mom’s favourite flowers, so choosing the perfect bouquet or floral decoration for the home is a walk in the park. If by chance you don’t know which flowers to get (or maybe mom’s favourite flowers aren’t in season), here are six stunning blooms that have become a popular choice for Mother’s Day floral gifts. 


Did you know a peony plant can live 100 years and still produce flowers? For a large statement, the various shades of red, pink, purple, or white of the peony is a perfect choice! The colour combinations of assorted peonies boost its majestic size and beauty. 

Available in six main species, the peony symbolizes good fortune and honour. Whether it is the single, double, semi-double, anemone, bomb, or Japanese type, the peony emits a powerful fragrance. 


Roses have long been thought to be the flower for Valentine’s Day celebrations, but a rose is appreciated for any occasion, especially at Mother’s Day. As each colour represents a particular sentiment, the choice can express any emotion. 

Red roses are given to a mother by her romantic partner while pink roses can speak of admiration, joy, and gratitude by a child. Give yellow roses for the special mom friend or a family member that has stood in as a mom to you. 


The lily has been unofficially proclaimed as the most majestic flower in ancient Greek mythology. The delicate flower was believed to be first created by Hera, wife of Zeus. 

Like roses, the colour of the lily is symbolic. This impressive trumpet-shaped bloom conveys love and admiration in pink, joy and happiness with vibrant yellows, and warmth and energy with orange. 


Orchid embody elegance and poise. For years the orchid has been referred to as a symbol for wealth. Today’s market has allowed anyone to purchase and gift orchids to friends, family, and business clientele for a plethora of reasons. 

As a Mother’s Day gift, choose red orchids for desire, love, and passion and blue orchids for beauty and uniqueness. The pink orchid can be used to represent moms as the underlying sign for fertility and grace. Send the matriarch of the family a bouquet of purple orchids to express dignity and authority. 


Tulips were first discovered as a wildflower in Central Asia before being cultivated across the world. Regardless of the origin, the most common message of any colour tulip is deep love and perfection. 

Sounds like an excellent floral gift for that mom in your life! As a partner, give red tulips and as a child, give your mom an arrangement of pink tulips. Your florist can help you choose from the various tulip species of parrot, French, fringed, or lily-fringed. 


Mother’s Day is not only for mothers and grandmothers. Choose the hardy but delicate appearance of the lisianthus. Noted as a flower for appreciation and respect, this stunning flower may be the preferred gift for friends, aunts, or cousins celebrated on this day.  

Flowers for special days in Toronto call for grand gestures and these tiny blooms express more than words can say! Often called lizzies, the lisianthus can be used as inserts in a mixed bouquet or as a spectacular arrangement on its own.

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