Mark one of the most respected holidays in the Jewish calendar with Passover floral gifts in Toronto. Known as the Festival of Unleavened Bread, Passover is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar. For 2022, it will be observed from Saturday, April 16th to Saturday, April 23rd.
Passover Floral Gifts in Toronto & Arrangements For Wedding In Toronto

Plan a premium flower delivery with a stunning floral arrangement for Passover for your loved ones and friends. Springtime is the perfect time for recognition with fresh blossoms and Passover flowers in Toronto.

About Passover

Passover in Hebrew is Pesach, which means to skip or pass over. It is believed Pesach was named to recognize when Hebrews were liberated from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Passover begins in the evening hours with a traditional Passover Seder, a special family meal. This form of celebration begins the eight-day commemoration. Food, prayers, and customary readings are enjoyed by all who gather.

Throughout the week, holiday traditions are followed including the absence of all leaven, a rising ingredient such as yeast. The replacement, matzo, symbolizes the sufferings experienced and the speed of which the Hebrews left Egypt. The last evening of Passover is referred to as the Night of Lettuce and Flowers.

Why Buy Premium Flowers for Passover?

Floral gifts and premium flowers for Passover are the best sentiments to express love, respect, and understanding. The Seder meal has always been celebrated with fresh floral décor throughout the home. Clay pots and wicker baskets were used to display the blooms on tables and along walls in the home.

Before floral shops, people used the wildflowers from fields. This was especially useful as Passover is held in the Spring. Springtime welcomes plenty of fresh blooms such as lilies, tulips, daisies, irises, hyacinths, and daffodils.

Premium Floral Arrangements for Passover

The most important thing to remember with Passover is the deep meaning behind the celebration. Flowers bring joy and can enhance the atmosphere of any home.

There are no specific flowers or colours that symbolize Passover, although blue shades are a popular choice. When it comes to flowers, there are endless ways to express happiness and respect towards the occasion.

Fill Glass Votive Holders with Flowers

Glass votive holders filled with small flowers of baby’s breath add a touch of elegance and class to any table setting. These holders can also accommodate fresh violet blooms. While most understand “violet” to be a purple hue, these petite flowers are actually a bluish hue according to the lighting and the age of the petals.

Add a Floral Table Centrepiece

The floral centrepieces should highlight the magnificent dinner setting and food without being overbearing or hiding guests’ faces from across the table. Small terracotta pots can be filled with the head of hydrangeas. Colourful tulip blooms can also add a splash of flair to the décor.

Arrange Flowers to Welcome Your Guests

Place large arrangements of tulips, daffodils, peonies, or cherry blossoms on table settings in living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms to welcome guests. Adding a single purple orchid at each table setting may be used for the table décor. Baby’s breath or violets can also be placed amongst the cloth napkin rings.

Decorate Your Entryway with Flowers

The entryway of a home is the first impression guests receive when attending an event in your home. Let flowers be the main talking point with a large simple vase of lilies. Available in a variety of colours, lilies are synonymous with the Passover tradition. The long-stemmed iris is another eye-catching bloom with the traditional shade of blue.

Add Premium Flowers in Your Living Room

When it comes to premium cut flowers, the hyacinth stands out amongst the rest of the Spring flowers. As guests mingle or relax in the living room, shower them with the lovely aroma of bouquets of this flower, strategically placed throughout the room. The varying pastel colours available with this bloom will complement any décor.

Mix Candles with Floral Arrangement

For an added touch to small glass holders or within a larger floral arrangement, candles set the tone of the celebration. Having a bright display of yellow daffodils accompanied by white candles present an elegant Spring offering. Floral candles are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Gifting Flowers for Passover

Traditionally, when celebrating Passover, participants are required to abstain from work during the eight-day commemoration. This includes planting and cultivating for some. If flowers are to be given, they should be gifted prepared in a vase or arrangement. Another option is to send a floral arrangement a few days before Passover begins.

As tradition calls for the flowers to complement the home décor for Passover, ask the recipient what colours may be showcased. As a host, ensure all guests are included in any flower presentation, including young children.

Find the Right Passover Flowers for Your Friends and Family in Toronto

For all floral gifts for Passover, rely on a florist with knowledge or experience with commemorating the holiday. Attention to detail is key as guests and floral recipients will appreciate the sentiment of the gift as well as the chosen colours of the blooms.

Centrepieces and entryways should be showstopping displays of warmth, love, and gratitude. Floral gifts customized to express the Passover traditions will become part of the memorable time with family and friends.

How San Remo Florist Can Help You Deliver Passover Flowers in Toronto

The incredible team at San Remo Florists are ready to assist everyone mark the occasion of Passover with spectacular floral arrangements and gifts. For more than 50 years, San Remo Florist has helped customers in Toronto and across the country express their loving sentiments with flowers.

As the city’s premier flower shop, we use the freshest flowers from our local suppliers whenever possible to design the perfect arrangements and bouquets. Contact us for your Passover floral gifts and for last-minute flower delivery in Toronto.