Why not spread the joy of nature by having fresh flowers for every room as décor? Flowers are an unspoken accent to enhance the atmosphere of each and every room. Having regularly scheduled flower delivery services in Toronto can help ensure fresh flowers are always available. 

Knowing how to arrange flowers for home décor can be overwhelming. This article offers tips on what type of flowers to use in different rooms and how your local florist can assist in the presentation. 
Flowers for Every Room

Flowers for the Living Room

Create a cozy atmosphere with plants and luxurious blooms to provide a peaceful yet overindulged living room. Whether you are a fan of roses, sunflowers, carnations, or peonies, there are so many species of flowers and colours that can enhance the room. Plus, the living room is the place to relax and socialize, so it’s the prime opportunity to express your lifestyle or personality through floral arrangements. Talk to your local florist in Toronto to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room with flower arrangements.

Fresh Flowers for the Kitchen

As the kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends, placing fresh flowers on the counter, windowsill, sideboard, or small table can add a touch of luxury and colour. The flowers you choose for the kitchen should be simple yet tasteful. Use succulents, Boston ferns, peace lilies, or even a money tree. There are a variety of blooms that offer an edible option, too. When it comes to colours, the sky’s the limit. Flowers can be as dainty or as exuberant as you want. 

Flowers for the Bedroom

The main benefit of adding flowers to home décor, especially in the bedroom, is that they have positive physical, emotional, and mental effects. Having the right flowers can help create a healing energy and sensual tone. As your bedroom is likely your sanctuary to escape from the stress and chaos of life, choosing calm and relaxing florals may be the best choice. Since the colour blue represents serenity, blue hydrangeas, irises, or forget-me-nots are perfect choices.

Coordinate the type of flower with the mood you want to evoke in the room. 

Flowers for the Bathroom

As one of the most overlooked rooms of a home when it comes to decorating, placing flowers and plants in the bathroom can make great accents pieces. With a humid and dry combination, bathrooms offer an ideal setting for tropical blooms and greenery. Brighten a dark bathroom or add colour to a stark décor with the glorious colours of an orchid. Bamboo and eucalyptus are also lively bathroom additions. Plants like orchids, a spider plants, or even a golden pothos thrive in bathrooms. There is lower lighting in the room which also plays a role in the health of certain plants. 

Flowers for the Dining Room

When planning flower arrangements for your dining room, remember that flowers have different levels of fragrance. Strong smells may be off-putting in rooms where food is served, so look for classic blooms with minimal fragrance such as anemones, sunflowers, dahlias, and calla lilies to enhance the mood or the atmosphere of the room. Also consider the size and shape of the vase. Flower arrangements that are too large will block the diners’ views, reducing the enjoyment of conversation. With the right flowers, you can create a focal point of the room and highlight a beautifully set dining table. 

San Remo’s Luxury Flower Arrangements for Home Decor

San Remo Florist offers a variety of luxurious summer flower arrangements in the GTA. 

Vase Flower Arrangements

The vase can make or break a floral arrangement in terms of sophistication and sentimental meaning. Consider our Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement with an appropriate colour, style, and design. 
Luxury Floral Gifts in Toronto

Potted Plants for Desks or Tables

Home offices or small tables throughout the home can be jazzed up with our Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement. We can use beautiful colours and species that complement the season and décor. 
Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Luxury Love and Romance Vase Arrangements

As love comes in many shapes and sizes, we offer a variety of unique and personalized Luxury Love and Romance Vase Arrangements. Whether it is used as a special gift for the bedroom or to be put on display in the entryway, these gorgeous blooms will be appreciated!
Luxury Love and Romance Vase Arrangements

Luxury Floral Centerpieces for Larger Rooms

San Remo offers a Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement in a larger container for bigger rooms of the home. We will customize the type and colour of blooms based on your preferences. 
Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Lush Collection of Decorative Orchids

Enhance your sense of sophistication with our Orchid Group that highlights a lush collection of orchids. Choose from white or lime orchids that add a touch of class while offering a hint of your own special character. 
Customized floral arrangements

Succulent Arrangement for Homes

For humid environments, choose our Specialty Tropical Planter. We used the best seasonal plants that help to express the room’s personality while offering a hue of colour to complement your décor. 
Floral Centerpieces for Larger Tables or Conference Rooms

Contact San Remo Florist for Luxury Flowers and Arrangements for Home Decor in Toronto

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