Did you know that flower bouquets can express different sentiments and have their own unique language? The language of flowers—referred to as floriography—can be traced back to ancient civilizations as each floral species denotes a special meaning.

Flowers for Every Occasion in Toronto

When choosing luxury flower arrangements in Toronto, it’s important to consider floriography and make sure that the flowers you are gifting someone express what you really mean to say. Need some inspiration? We’ve got some great tips for mastering the language of flowers.

How to Choose the Perfect Flower Bouquets for Every Occasion in Toronto

Before choosing flower bouquets, consider discussing your vision with a reputable local florist. With luxury floral gifts in Toronto, there are many options to choose from that will guarantee you find the perfect bouquet.

For Romantic Occasions

Since ancient times, lovers and admirers have used the spectacular glory of a flower to express their romantic feelings towards another person. Love is in the air with red roses, alstroemerias, asters, and camellias.
Floral Gifts for Romantic Occasion in Toronto

For Celebratory Occasions

For celebratory occasions, floral gifts of vibrant sunflowers, carnations, daisies, and orchids symbolize pride and happiness towards the recipient. Birthdays, graduations, and even for a “job well-done” present, flowers can be the perfect choice.
Corporate Event Floral Decoration

For Sympathetic Occasions

There are times in our lives when words may fail us. Near or far, sending a sympathetic bouquet may be the only appropriate gesture at times of sorrow for those who need comfort. The innocence and purity represented by white blooms are ideal for these situations. Choose from carnations, roses, asphodels, or marigolds.
 Sympathetic Occasions

For Apology and Forgiveness

Floral gifts for apology and forgiveness can speak those important words you may feel at a loss to say. White roses and white tulips are often used to convey “I’m sorry” and “please forgive me”. The stunning lily represents caring, especially if it is the Peace Lily.
Floral gifts for  Apology and Forgiveness

Friendship and Gratitude

Whether you wish to honour a new friendship or one that has been years in the making, flowers can represent gratefulness and appreciation. Daisies, sunflowers, and yellow roses have long been designated as the flowers of friendship. If the recipient has a favourite bloom and/or colour, consider sending a big, beautiful bouquet of those flowers.


Customized Floral Bouquets for Every Occasion

As flowers bring joy, elegance, and special meaning to various occasions, special holidays and events can be recognized with the right floral bouquets. Customized arrangements for weddings, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and other special days can enhance the intended feeling towards the recipient.
Floral Arrangement Ideas for Thanksgiving

Hire Local Florist

Discuss your vision for a customized floral bouquet with a reputable local florist. Their expertise and knowledge of flowers, plants, and greenery can be used to create stunning works of art to enhance the thoughtfulness or meaning of the occasion.


Make Every Occasion Special with the Perfect Bouquets from San Remo Florist in Toronto

Choose San Remo Florist for luxury floral gifts and bouquets in Toronto. Our certified design team uses the freshest flowers from local suppliers when possible and offers reliable delivery in the area. As a leading choice for event planners and other top distributors, we can help create a floral masterpiece with the perfect sentimental message. Call us today at (416) 652-1822 to discuss the perfect floral gift for your loved one(s).