The warm summer months can bring a new sense of energy to a workspace. Capitalizing on this, summer flower arrangements for the office/workplace can enhance the feelings of cheeriness and being welcome for staff and clientele. 

Flower Arrangements for Office

Secrets to a Happy Workplace in the Summer: 4 Benefits of Luxury Flower Arrangements

The benefits of having flower arrangement in offices in terms of sprucing up the appearance and providing conversation pieces might seem pretty obvious, but many people still underestimate their power. And, in addition to these physical attributes, floral arrangements can offer surprising psychological benefits. 

1. Boosts Employee Morale and Productivity

It is a well-known fact that exposure to nature’s beauty releases serotonin and dopamine in the human body, both of which boost mood and positive behaviours in people. Employees who work in the presence of beautiful flowers show elevated moods, which in turn can lead to a more productive workforce. 

2. Enhances Office Aesthetics

A business invests in having a welcoming space for employees. Placing fresh flowers in the reception area, cubicles, common areas, and boardrooms can reflect professional appreciation. This simple touch can make the workplace somewhere staff members enjoy being.

3. Positive Impact on Clients and Visitors

While flowers and plants can have a positive influence on employees, imagine the joy that visitors and clients will experience walking into an office or workplace boasting a magnificent display of nature. It’s the little touches of décor and ambiance that instill the “wow” factor for those form outside the workspace—and that first impression means so much when you’re running a business. 

4. Boosts Air Quality and Reduces Stress

Plants help improve the air quality of a stuffy office building, particularly one with poor ventilation. Moreover, one study concluded that any exposure to nature could help boost cognitive function, improve blood pressure, and lower stress. 

How to Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangements for Offices/Workplaces in Toronto

Wondering how to decorate your office with flower arrangements? 
Floral decoration for corporate offices can involve centrepieces, bouquets, stand-up planters, or even hanging baskets. When choosing the appropriate arrangement, there are several tips to keep in mind. 

Keep Longevity in Mind

Fresh flowers cannot hold their beauty forever, though various types last longer than others. To achieve the look (and longevity) that works for you, discuss the purpose of the arrangement with your local florist

Consider the Office Setting

It is important to know where within the office the floral presentations will be displayed to determine the type, size, fragrance strength, and colour scheme for an arrangement. So, let’s look at some examples.

  • Cubicles or Individual Workspaces
    Most desks and cubicles have little space for décor such as floral bouquets or arrangements. A small floating flower vase or potted plant can provide a cozy touch without invading one’s workspace. 
  • Reception Areas or Conference Rooms
    As the reception area and conference rooms tend to allow for more elaborate decorations, and require that wow factor, larger planters, centrepieces, or floral wall hangings are good options. 
  • Break Rooms or Common Areas
    For break rooms, sitting areas, and other common areas, consider using small summer flower arrangements for the office. If you wish to get the scented route, plants such as lavender and chamomile provide a soothing, restful ambiance. 
  • Executive Offices
    Executive offices are commonly where the major business deals are conducted. These spaces could benefit with luxury floral arrangements to offer a touch of sophistication and professionalism. 


Choose the Right Flowers 

When selecting the species for your potted plant or floral arrangement, choosing the right flowers for the intended space is another important part of the process. 

  • Focus on Seasonal Flowers
    One easy way to use floral arrangements as décor for people with varying preferences to enjoy is to choose seasonal flowers for the display. This will vary depending on the month and area.
  • Complement the Décor Theme
    It is essential to choose the appropriate floral arrangements for an office area based on factors such as the office wall colour, style of furniture, and the level of lighting in the room. 
  • Think About Allergies
    Remember to consider any employee allergies to various flowers and plants. There are beautiful flower species that offer hypoallergic varieties, so ask your florist about the best options. 
  • Consider Low-Maintenance Flowers
    As a workspace can be hectic at times, you might wish to select low-maintenance flowers or plants. It may be beneficial to have one or two staff members delegated as plant caregivers to help extend the life of the flowers. 
  • Think About the Meaning of Colour
    In addition to coordinating with the overall office theme, you can select flowers based on colour symbolism, which can denote a mood or sentiment. 

    • Blues and Greens
      These cool shades represent tranquility and calmness, which could translate to a more focused mind. 
    • Yellows and Pinks
      On the other side of the colour grade scale, these warm tones symbolize happiness and positivity, which could promote concentration and awareness. 
    • Use Brand Logo Colours
      For an extra special touch when managers or business partners from the head office visit or if you’re having a major corporate client come by, consider having flowers of the same colour as the company’s logo or brand on display. It’s a simple but effective touch. 


Types of Summer Flower Arrangements for Offices from San Remo Florist

There are multiple options when it comes to floral arrangements or potted plants to decorate a workplace. When in doubt about what to choose for your office or workplace, a florist can advise on what will work best and show you samples.

Vase Flower Arrangements

San Remo Florist offers a beautiful Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement to brighten any office décor with a collection of fresh blooms. We use in-season flowers based on your colour preference. 

Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement for Offices

Potted Plants for Corporate Desks or Tables

For small offices, cubicles, bathrooms, and lunchrooms, we offer a Succulent Arrangement filled with an array of stunning plants to bring the benefits of nature indoors. 

Succulent for Offices and Corporate gifts

Luxury Floral Wreaths for Doors and Walls

When decorating any type of office building, think outside the box and use the available space on doors and walls by putting up our Luxury Floral Wreaths. We can put together spectacular, sophisticated, or simple creations using flowers and greenery to suits your taste. 

Floral Wreath

Floral Centerpieces for Larger Tables or Conference Rooms

Make a bold statement with our Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangement in the boardroom, conference room, or a larger office. Choose from a selection of floral colours to coordinate with your office décor. 

Luxury Floral Decoration

Hanging Planters to Add Greenery to an Office

For areas that may be better suited for greenery as opposed to floral blooms, consider our Specialty Tropical Planter. Filled with unique and low maintenance hypoallergic plants, this can be used as a hanging décor piece. 

Hanging Planters to Add Greenery to an Office

Corporate Floral Gifts

The perfect “Welcome on Board” or “Thank You” corporate gift can be found in our Orchid Group. This lush collection can be customized to convey the right sentiment. 

Corporate Floral Gifts

Enhance Your Workplace/Offices with Stunning Summer Flower Arrangements

The talented team of San Remo Florist can provide luxury floral gifts in Toronto and all-season flower arrangements to enhance your office and support your relationship with clients and employees. We are Toronto’s premier floral design studio for the area’s top venue and event planners, premier retailer, exclusive private members club, and prominent charities.