Now is the time to start thinking about winter flowers for your holiday decor in Toronto! From the unique scents and fragrance to the eye-catching colours and textures, winter flowers can be used to represent all the emotions the holiday season brings. 
Holiday Flower Decor

Exploring the Most Popular Winter Flower Varieties in Toronto


  • Poinsettias: As the most well-known winter bloom for home décor, the poinsettias is synonymous with the message of joy and goodwill. This Christmas plant is available in a variety of colours with red being the most festive. 
  • Amaryllis: Boost the elegance of your holiday décor with the striking appearance of the red amaryllis. The trumpet-shaped flowers ignite the scenes of Christmas angels’ trumpets. 
  • Winter Jasmine: A true winter bloom, this plant sheds its leaves in late fall before producing magnificent yellow blooms in late December. Winter jasmine can last throughout the Ontario winter as a potted plant.
  • Christmas Rose: Unlike regular garden roses, the Christmas rose makes its debut in late fall and remains in bloom until early spring. The hues of white, pink, and green offer a warm sight at Christmas.
  • Winter Pansies: Commonly referred to as ice pansies, winter pansies enjoy the cold weather as small blooms of pinks, purples, reds, whites, and yellows command attention. 
  • Camellias: Every holiday décor needs a Yuletide camellia boosting the festive mood. Some popular red camellia blooms are the Kramer’s Supreme, the Marie Bracey, and the Greensboro Red camellia.  
  • Christmas Cactus: While the Christmas cactus is meant to bloom red flowers during the holiday season, every owner knows it can happen at any time throughout the year. It is a gift that keeps on giving.


Choose the Right Winter Blooms for Your Upcoming Holiday Décor in Toronto


When choosing floral decorations for holiday celebrations, the opportunities can be endless in Toronto. It is recommended to choose varieties that offer longevity and beauty throughout the holiday season as well as require little maintenance during this busy time. 

The first consideration in floral décor is colour coordination with the rest of the home’s decorations. While most people stick to the traditional red, green, and white flowers, use the colours that complement your home’s decor. The type of bloom(s) you choose should also reflect the style of your home. Are you looking for an elegance display? Something cozy? Or maybe you want a whimsical design throughout the house? 

Depending on the size of the flower display you choose, use the overall appearance to determine the type of vase or container to present the stunning array of blooms. A local florist will have the best solutions for your selection of holiday floral arrangements.

7 Perfect Ways to Add Winter Blooms to Create a Magical Holiday Atmosphere

Thinking of how to incorporate flowers and arrangements for your home decorations this holiday season? There are several ways to use fresh blooms and greenery to enhance the mood of your dining room, living room, kitchen, guest bedrooms, and even the bathroom. 
Festive Centrepieces

Floral centrepieces have long been a tradition at Christmas for many Canadian homes. Whether nestled on a mantelpiece, foyer table, or showcased in the middle of the dining table, festive centrepieces bring the magic to the room. 

Holiday Wreaths

Another favourite Canadian holiday staple is the display of a gorgeous wreath on the front door of the home. It is the perfect welcome to all guests with bows, ornaments, and/or lights greeting the holiday. Smaller wreaths can also be used indoors as décor over fireplaces, doors, and as a candle holder. 

Holiday Bouquets as Gifts

Flower lovers enjoy getting a bouquet of their favourite flowers throughout the year. Why not give flowers as a gift at Christmas? Incorporating the holiday colours of red, green, silver, and gold into a customized bouquet will extend the joy throughout the season.

Candlelit Flower Arrangements

A candlelit flower arrangement enhances the luxury with the use of reds, whites, lavender, or icy blue against a bed of lush green foliage. Placing one or two tall candles amongst the twigs or berries can elicit warm feelings during the holiday.  

Front Porch Decor

Homeowners with small or larger front porches have the perfect space for extra holiday event decorations. Visitors and passersby will feel the spirit of the holiday with the sight of tall planters and vases bursting with greenery and ornamentation. 


Holiday Photo Props

The number one activity at any holiday event is picture-taking! Create a popular backdrop with the use of flowers, greenery, and spray-painted branches along a staircase, archway, or in front of a large-scaled fireplace. Flowers alone or as a floral wall can also be used as photo props.


Floral Table Setting

For small spaces or to add a hint of sophistication to the dining table, use buds of your favourite blooms to change the look of place settings. Match the colour and/or pattern of the dishes with a customized bouquet to be displayed in the room. 

San Remo’s Premium Winter Flower Arrangements & Gifts For Holiday Decoration in Toronto

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