As we welcome a new year, let’s take a look at some of the floral trends for 2024. This year, we’ll see more vibrant hues but there will be a larger focus on soft pastels, sustainable materials, and a movement to more natural floral choices. Whether you are looking for flowers for your home décor or flowers for a special occasion, take note of these trending floral gifts in Toronto.
Floral Trends 2024

Wildflowers and Sustainability

One of the biggest flower industry trends in 2024 is the focus on sustainability in the floral industry. Working closely with local suppliers, using biodegradable materials, and creating a recycling program with flowers will continue to be on the rise. This eco-friendly approach involves using more wildflowers whenever possible to obtain the beauty of Mother Earth.


Tech Integration in Floristry

Recent years have seen more people using online videos and social media platforms to learn about the different flower species and showcase their own arrangement talents. Florists will continue to use technology to their advantage by offering classes and putting their own talent in the limelight via social media.

The Enduring Appeal of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers as a standalone arrangement have been a staple throughout history for thousands of years. Incorporating the biodegradable blooms into your floral arrangement provides long-lasting displays that offer incredible texture variations, especially if combined with fresh flowers. The Enduring Appeal of Dried Flowers

Next Level Floral Roof Canopy

Planning an upcoming wedding? Some of the top event and wedding flower trends for 2024 involve incorporating floral roof canopies. You can create a magical and mystical wonderland with hanging floral installations accompanied with billowing fabrics and soft fairy lights.


Structural & Statement Pieces

Using gorgeous flowers for events in Toronto can elevate the mood and anticipation of the day. From floral archways, grand centrepieces, and oversized flower pedestals, take advantage of using flowers as structural and statement pieces to brighten and open the space. Using flowers in immersive installations can also transform any space and create a sense of refinement when bringing nature indoors.


Pastel & Sunset Colours

While the bold and vibrant colours have been trending in recent years, the soft romantic hues of neutrals and sunset colours will take centre stage in 2024. Sophistication, elegance, glamour, and opulence will dominate this year’s events with blush, champagne, coral, peach, lavender, and pale yellow flowers.
Pastel & Sunset Colours

Personalized Floral Expressions

With the amazing selections of dahlias, roses, lilies, peonies, tulips, and orchids (just to name a few) to choose from this year, there are endless options for creating personalized floral expressions. From elegant to classic to whimsical, the array of flower colours and styles can meet your expectations for your special gift or event. Speak to your local florist about how they can match your vision with fresh floral arrangements.


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