Flower decorations for restaurants and hotels can be considered works of art thanks to their beauty and emotional impact. The right floral arrangements can encourage socialization and enhance the ambiance of the space. Below are some of the reasons why you should be using plants and floral décor in your restaurants and hotels.

Flower Decoration for Restaurants & Hotels

Why Incorporate Flower Arrangements in Hotels?

Florists in downtown Toronto understand the role flowers can play. 

  • Psychology of Colour Enhances Guest Experience. To set a calming atmosphere, hotels and restaurants keep neutral colour palette. Bright colours can add the right amount of energy to entice customers and improve guest satisfaction. 
  • Provides Clean and Fresh Air. Improve the air quality with the help of Mother Nature. Place flower vases on tables and create false privacy walls with large planters. 
  • Establishes an Atmosphere & Boosts Branding. Without floral décor and plants, a hotel or restaurant would simply be a building with chairs, tables, and beds. Florals can be part of a hotel or restaurant’s branding. 
  • Mood Boosters and Reduces Stress. The sight of a beautiful bouquet initiates a smile and happiness. Flowers help to lower anxiety while acting as mood boosters. 
  • Improve Productivity and Satisfaction of Employees. Improve employee job satisfaction and productivity with luxury arrangements. Plants have been shown to reduce stress while stimulating enthusiasm. 
  • Enhances Curb Appeal for Restaurants & Hotels. Flower arrangements for restaurants and hotels can enhance the curb appeal. It can increase the estimated value through perception of a restaurant or hotel. 

Flower Decorating Ideas for Hotels and Restaurants

Fresh floral arrangements give a great first impression. Below are some great ideas for hotels and restaurants. 

  • Two-Dimensional Flower Arrangements for Reception Areas. Buy high-quality flowers in the GTA for the reception areas. Using different heights of florals can be a great welcome to guests. 
  • Flower Centrepieces for Dining Tables. Food is normally the star of the show. Complement the experience with luxury floral gifts in Toronto. Floral centrepieces should not mask or interfere with the meal. 
  • Formal or Monochromatic Arrangements for Banquets. Flower decorations can be used in banquet rooms of hotels and restaurants. Small arrangements should be placed to allow conversation to flow and not interfere with the experience. 
  • Flower Arrangements for Coffee Tables. Waiting areas maximize comfort while providing a welcoming space. Placing floral arrangements on coffee tables can enhance the appeal of the lobby area. 
  • Large and Luxury Floral Arrangements for Lobbies. Welcome hotel guests with luxurious florals upon their entry to the building. Oversized flower stands can offer a stunning reception to passersby and guests. 

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