Enhance your indoor winter wonderland with fresh flowers and arrangements for the home this holiday season! With the variety of seasonal flowers and foliage available at your local florist, your family and guests will be in awe!

Luxury Floral Arrangements to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Why Should You Consider Flowers When Decorating Your Home for Holiday Events?

Christmas floral decorations for the home are an elegant way to add colour, fragrance, and decorative accents to any type of holiday design. Use fresh flowers to spruce up the entryway, dazzle a holiday table, and transform mantelpieces and windowsills into works of art!

Improves the Overall Guest Experience

To use flower arrangements for the home as a transition piece, consider bright popping colours of red, white, and orange to greet your holiday guests. Focus on enhancing their visit by adding floral arrangements to the front entrance, living room, dining room, and bathroom(s). Flowers and foliage strategically placed throughout the home will offer a warm cozy feel. 

Flower Decorations Can Brighten the Living Space

Florists and flower enthusiasts know the importance a floral arrangement has to liven up any room, particularly during the celebratory season. Consider fresh flower decorations in Toronto homes as an expression of the homeowner’s creativity. Walking into any room containing a floral arrangement or centerpiece provides a complementary atmosphere. 

Spreads Natural Aromas Throughout the Home

Flowers not only bring a smile to one’s face but also offers a pleasing aroma to the room. As the holiday season often creates a sense of warmth with fragrances of pine trees, orange, and cinnamon, the right type of flower can enhance one’s sense of smell. The dianthus flower offers well-wishers an aroma of cloves upon entering a room. 

Unique Ways to Add Flowers & Arrangements to Your Holiday Decor

Find unique ways to add premium flower decoration for the holidays. While a vase of fresh-cut flowers is always an eye-catching piece, consider using florals in combination with your Christmas décor. Add berry-covered foliage to your mantelpiece to showcase flameless assorted candles, fairy lights, miniature tress, or priceless family ornament heirlooms. 

Floral Wreaths for Doors and Windows

Greet the season, guests, and passersby with an elegant wreath on your front door exterior as well as any large windows. Hanging wreaths throughout the interior of the home has become a traditional trend for many homeowners. Use a wreath as the focal point of any room piece such as above a fireplace, bar, or table setting. Smaller wreaths can be placed in guest bedrooms to incorporate a whole-house Christmas theme. 

Fill a Long Vase with Orchids

With more than 20,000 orchid species there is sure to be the right one to complement your Christmas decorations. Use a large, tall vase filled with foliage, glass ornaments, or faux crystals to showcase the long-stemmed orchids. Consider having the elegance of orchids for your main floral decoration for all holiday events. 

Mixed Flowers in a Small Vase for Dinner Tables

Whether you have dinner for a group of seven or 20, the table never seems large enough for the settings, food, and a Christmas centerpiece. Draw attention to the served dishes and settings by having small arrangements of mixed fresh flowers in vases strategically placed along the length of the centre of the table. 

Combine Seasonal Flowers with a Basket of Fruits

Details matter and one amazing centerpiece your guests will remember is the basket of seasonal fruits and flowers sitting on the kitchen or dining room counter. Talk to your local florist about a selection of flowers such as roses, azaleas, or amaryllis being surrounded by seasonal fruits of oranges, mandarins, and pears. Complete the look with pinecones and berries.

Create Floral Tray with Candles

One of the most overlooked floral décor ideas is using flowers on a table tray. Incorporating flameless candles and fresh flowers into a lavish display for coffee tables helps maintain the flow of space. A metallic or mirrored tray will highlight the glow of the candle against the delicate flower petals.

Luxury Holiday Floral Arrangements from San Remo Florist

Have the floral experts at San Remo Florist help you create the perfect décor for a magical holiday setting. We offer lush greenery, fresh seasonal flowers, and accessories to design bouquets, arrangements, and centrepieces for your seasonal décor.

Select one of the following floral gift choices for your designated loved ones and family. We can also incorporate these creative masterpieces in your seasonal holiday décor.

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