Are you ready for the floral industry trends of 2023? Whether you are planning a reunion, wedding, or other special event, you are going to be blown away by the amazing colour palette of the new year! And best of all, you don’t have to wait for an event, as you can treat your home and office to a lush bouquet or arrangement throughout the year!

Floral Industry Trends for 2023

Expected Trends of Floral Arrangements and Styles in 2023!

2023 has been declared the year of Digital Lavender! Finally, a year to represent what the world needs, serenity and calmness. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular up-and-coming floral arrangements in 2023!

Barbiecore Bouquets

Flower industry trends are picking up on the connection between the magenta shade named “orchid flower” and the highly anticipated 2023 release of the Barbie movie. Fashionistas have been drawn to the Barbiecore trend which is basically anything that represents the theme behind the plastic doll. A Barbiecore bouquet is comprised of hot pink tulips, roses, lisianthus, and other lavish flowers. 

Bright and Bold Colour Flower Arrangements

The desire for bright and bold shades is represented in the floral predictions for 2023. Lush purples will be mixed to display bold and unique floral arrangements. The new trend towards vibrant colours and hues dominates the recent requests for pastel and more neutral shades. 


Luxury Floral Backdrops

Floral backdrops will still be on the “want list” for any event planner if for nothing more than to offer an exquisite background for professional and social media photos. More and more special events and weddings in particular are having florists create elaborate and luxurious backdrops with flowers and greenery. 

Royal and Long Floral Runner Displays

Purple represents many emotions and feelings, including that of royalty. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, floral trends are leaning towards flower decorations and wedding flowers that most embody the royal theme. Using varying shades of purple as a long floral runner can create a whimsical and rich tone for any table setting. 


Greenery in Flower Arrangements

Greenery in arrangements and bouquets have always been a “must-have”. The top floral styles in 2023 will see the lush shades of various greenery used in floral arrangements ranging from small vases to large overflowing flower stands. Greenery has a way to boost the natural vibe of a floral bouquet or arrangement. Look for more ferns and eucalyptus being purposefully intertwined with flowers. 


Stunning Floral Entries

With dozens of events competing for attendees on a regular basis in 2023, flowers and greenery will be used as a stunning floral entry masterpiece. From overpowering archways to walkways lined with small floral bouquets, the entryway will be a starter showcase for the big event. 


Floral Chandeliers

Many people are hoping 2023 will see their dreams come true and a floral chandelier can create that vivid dream at your next special function. Using fixtures, hanging wires, and low beam ceilings, the floral chandelier can transform any space into another world. 


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