It’s coming! The absolute best day to show your appreciation and/or love to others with fresh flowers and arrangements for the home. Floral decorations for holiday events such as Valentine’s Day convey the right emotions when words sometimes fail us. Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to show their love and affection for each other. High-end floral gifts and arrangements can add a luxurious touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

 High-End Floral Gifts and Arrangements for Valentine’s Day Celebration

Luxurious & High-End Valentine’s Day Flowers

Among the luxurious and high-end premium flower decoration for holidays, orchids and roses are in a class of their own!

The exotic flower known as the orchid has been providing beauty for more than 84 million years! As a symbol of love and elegance, the orchid is one of the more appealing flowers for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

In addition to the symbolic origins of affection and virility, the colour choice of the orchid can express an array of desires and feelings towards the recipient(s). Innocence, reverence, and purity are seen with white orchids while a purple hue symbolizes admiration of the highest standards. The pink orchid can be used to express joy, meanwhile yellow orchids relay pure friendship. 

Across the world, roses have become a “go-to” choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day floral gifts. Spice up the classic rose bouquet by choosing a white rose to symbolize innocence or a secret crush. Pink is the shade of joy and admiration. A bouquet of pink roses can be gifted to a friend or a romantic partner. If you want to stick with tradition, gift a luxurious bouquet of red roses to your one true love. The red rose implies a bond of love, romance, and desire. 

Choosing the Right High-End Floral Gift or Arrangement

With the pressure of choosing the right high-end floral decoration for the home as a Valentine’s Day gift, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Consider the Recipient’s Favourite Flower or Colour

The most crucial part of the puzzle is considering the recipient. Who is the person to you? Is it a loving partner, new flame, secret crush, or perhaps a friend or family member? The relationship of the recipient and their likes and dislikes for the type of flower and/or colour needs careful consideration when ordering an arrangement. 

Think About the Occasion

Usually when ordering a floral gift, the occasion can distinguish the type of flower and subsequentially, the message it represents. With Valentine’s Day being the time to celebrate romance and/or admiration, the thought turns to the type of floral gift that expresses one’s feelings. 

Consider the Presentation 

While a huge bouquet of flowers wrapped in exquisite ribbon and paper attracts the attention of others, consider presenting the flowers with a statement piece. Order a gorgeous glass or ceramic vase as a luxurious presentation. Your local florist may also be able to arrange the flowers in a special message with offsetting colours.  

Think About the Budget for Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many couples. While it is tempting to save money by purchasing the cheapest flowers, invest in high-end floral gifts that will last longer than the day itself! Showing your loved one how much they mean to you isn’t the time for cost-cutting corners. The excitement and gratitude expressed by the recipient face will be well worth it! 

Consider the Season for Floral Gifts and Arrangements

Fresh flower decorations in Toronto are available year-round which is important with Valentine’s Day celebrated during our unpredictable Ontario winters. Local florists supply the flowers that are in demand for the sentimental holiday. A reputable florist can usually create any type of flower arrangement requested for the special day. 

Choose Early Flower Delivery 

With flowers and floral decoration for delivery in Toronto, remember that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times for florists. Arranging for delivery ahead of time will ensure your loved one receives the floral gift on time. Having a bouquet or arrangement delivered a day or two ahead of the busy day can allow the person to enjoy the floral gift longer. 

Tips for Making the Most of Your High-End Floral Gift or Arrangement

Unfortunately, fresh flowers have a shelf life. No one wants to receive a floral gift that can only be enjoyed for a short time. There are several tips to keep in mind when choosing high-end flower bouquets or arrangements.

Choose a Reputable Local Florist

When it comes to quality and quantity, it is important to choose a reputable local florist for all of your Valentine’s Day flower needs. Experts florists will understand and know the best flowers to choose and how to design the perfect presentation as a floral gift. High-end florists have access to local and world-class suppliers to ensure every order represents their name and branding. 

Be Creative by Adding Other Elements to the Gift

Whether you choose orchids, roses, lilies, or another flower species to proclaim your love, take it to another level with an additional gift! Consider having the arrangement delivered with a box of the finest chocolates, a handwritten card, a stunning jewellery piece, or even a bottle of sparkling wine. 

Take Care of the Flowers Properly

If you are presenting the floral gift yourself, be sure to take proper care of the flowers while in transit or during the wait time. As Valentine’s Day is during the cold winter months, protect the flowers from exposure to frosty temperatures, heat, and bright sunlight. While storing in a cool, dark place, keep the flowers away from any ripening vegetables or fruit which emit ethylene gas that can kill the flowers. 

Consider Floral Subscription Services

For the gift that keeps on giving, consider a floral subscription service for your loved one. Having a regular delivery of fresh flower arrangements for the home on Valentine’s Day and every month thereafter is one of the highest expressions of love. The best bit? You can choose the days of the months when the new flowers should be delivered such as a special holiday, birthday, or significant date. 

Choose Flower Arrangements with a Vase

Choose a flower delivery of a bouquet in a glamourous vase for the added touch; the effort will not go unnoticed! A floral gift arriving in a flimsy box or wrapped in paper and plastic does not give the same feel as presenting the flowers with a luxurious silver or crystal vase. 

San Remo’s High-End Floral Gifts & Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

High-end floral gifts and arrangements can add a touch of luxury and romance to your Valentine’s Day celebration. With careful consideration and attention to detail, choose the perfect gift to show your love and affection for your special someone.

Love and Romance Vase Arrangements

Our Love & Romance Vase Arrangement can be hand-arranged with the appropriate collection of seasonal flowers. 

Love and Romance Vase Arrangements

Romantic Collection of Flower Arrangements with Vase

Romeo has nothing on the person who presents our romantic Love & Romance Vase Arrangement. Our design experts will create a dreamy collection of the recipients’ favourite flowers.   

Hand-Tied Bouquet of Roses

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than our Love & Romance Dozen Roses Hand-Tied Bouquet. Long-stemmed roses wrapped in complimenting décor secured with a hand-tied ribbon will scream “I love you”. 

Premium Collection of Ecuadorian Long-Stem Red Roses

Express your love with our premium collection of Ecuadorian long-stem roses presented in an exclusive lucite container. Our Red Roses in Lucite Box is definitely a showstopper!

Customized Three Dozen Multi-Coloured Roses with Vase

Say “thank you” and “I love you” to your special loved one with our Love & Romance Three Dozen Roses Vase Arrangement. Our floral experts can design the elite collection of roses to express your loving sentiment. 

Love and Romance Red Rose Vase Arrangements

Show your love and admiration to that special person with our Love & Romance Dozen Roses Vase Arrangement. Presented in a spectacular vase, these red roses are surrounded by lush floral greenery. 

San Remo Florist offers Valentine’s Day floral gifts, bouquets, and arrangements for pickup or special delivery in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today at (416) 652-1822 to discuss the perfect floral gift for your loved one(s).