Are you getting married this winter? What a perfect time of year to create a magical winter wonderland, filled with romance and elegance! With the newly fallen snow as your backdrop and an assortment of seasonal wedding flowers and arrangements in Toronto you can create the perfect mood for your wedding. 

Winter Wedding Flowers & Arrangements Toronto

How to Choose Flowers & Arrangements for Winter Weddings

Contrary to what you might think, florists have access to a wide variety of colour palettes and seasonal blooms during Toronto winters. Below we offer some tips for choosing flowers for your winter wedding.

Choose the Right Bloom Colours

While winter weddings bring traditional Christmas décor to mind, separate the two special occasions with the colour scheme of the flowers. Holiday lovers can keep the famed red and green in their wedding with subtle touches combined with seasonal flowers

Choose Seasonal Flowers for Weddings

Wedding seasonal flowers can still be the focal point of a winter ceremony with the use of orchids, holly, amaryllis, roses, and lilies. White and cream-coloured blooms can be used in a centerpiece with juniper boughs, silver ribbon, and red berries. 

Check for Required Availability

As wedding flowers are recommended to be chosen months in advance of the big day, remember the fresh flowers seen at the time may not be available in the coming months. Always check to see if your favourite flowers are readily available for the winter wedding day. 

Contact a Local Florists for Fresh Winter Wedding Flowers in Toronto

Winter wedding flower arrangements can be tailored to form various shapes and styles that complement the couple’s vision. Discuss your wedding needs with a reputable florist that can provide access to various flower species and who has experience in creating floral designs. 

Creative Ways to Incorporate Flowers into the Winter Wedding Arrangements

Enhance the snowy winter wedding décor with a stunning display of seasonal blooms throughout the wedding ceremony venue or reception venue. Whether outside or inside, there are endless options to choose from, depending on if you want to make a subtle or bold statements. 

Hanging Floral Chandeliers Arrangements

Who needs centerpieces when you can have flowers literally falling from the sky. Consider having wedding flowers bound together with natural branches and greenery gracefully hanging from a chandelier in your venue. Creating a floral design over each table can transport you guests to a winter wonderland. 

Create Flower Balls Using Wedding Flowers

Hanging floral balls can be strategically placed from the ceiling and on the walls of a reception venue. Have your florist form different sizes of balls with baby’s breath florals to enhance a traditional winter white wedding atmosphere. 

Decorate the Wedding Cake with Flowers and Foliage

Edible flowers can complement the design of the wedding cake if the right ones are chosen. A pop of colour with hibiscus or basil flowers provide a classic twist to a tiered cake as they cascade down one side. Add small leaves and twigs (cleaned) to create a rustic wedding cake. 

Create Wreaths for Entryways

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas door decorations. A large circular wreath adorned with greenery and wedding florals can be used as a picture backdrop or as a focal point above the centre of the room. Position the floral wreath at each entryway as a natural welcome to guests. 

Incorporate Flowers into Wedding Centerpieces & Bouquets

Focusing on the theme or style of the winter wedding, incorporate coordinating flowers in table centrepieces for the reception and bouquets for the ceremony. Many holiday classics, such as the amaryllis bloom, offer a deep rich burgundy and crimson hue. 

San Remo’s Luxury Floral Arrangements & Bouquets for Weddings in Toronto

Winter wedding flowers can add a pop of colour to a mostly white background modelling the crisp clean snow. San Remo Florist has access to local and international suppliers of seasonal flowers for bouquets, décor, and table centrepieces. Our luxury floral arrangements can be customized to suit the theme, colour, and design of your dream wedding. 

Customized Hand-Tied Bouquets

Coordinate the wedding flowers with customized hand-tied bouquets for the members of the wedding party. A miniature replica of larger floral arrangements found at the reception can be created with the same colours and fresh bloom tops. Choose burlap or ribbon to tie the look together. 

Customized Hand-Tied Bouquets

Florist’s Choice Vase Arrangements

For winter wedding arrangements, discuss your flower design vision with your local florist. Based on the colour scheme, the Florist Choice Vase Arrangement can be designed with available seasonal flowers to provide an original focal point.  

Luxury Floral Gifts in Toronto

Flowers Arrangements with Lush Collections

Greet guests with a lush collection of orchids, lilac, and allium blooms of deep purple. Using natural light, highlight the glorious shades with the reflections from circular mirrors on the tables. Combining the contrasting colours of white and purple with lime green reindeer moss and silver balls offers a lavish effect. 

Corporate Event Floral Decoration

Large Arrangements with a Combination of Mixed Flowers

Using birch trees decorated with dendrobium orchids along the branches can set the tone for a magical winter wedding. Lining the aisle of the ceremony venue, the tone is set for a romantic and whimsical setting. Manzanita branches are brightened with white floating candles on the reception tables. 

Get in Touch with San Remo for the Best Winter Wedding Flowers and Arrangements

Rely on San Remo Florist for everyday flower delivery in Toronto. Our design team will work with you to create stunning displays of flower arrangements for your dream wedding bouquets and venue. Call us today for wedding flower delivery in the GTA!