Have you ever used floral arrangements for Halloween decorations? You can take your spooky-themed house up a notch with Fall and all-season flowers. 

Get creative with the assortment of jack-o-lanterns, free-hanging ghosts, and spooky bats by complementing the décor with flowers that have deep-rich colours. Your local florist in Toronto can help!
Floral Decoration For Halloween

Handmade Halloween Vase Using Flower & Pumpkins

There is no rule about using an all-season flower arrangement to brighten up a pumpkin. Instead of carving a face into your pumpkin, consider spray painting it a different colour or hand painting a Halloween scene. Place seasonal flowers into the dried pumpkin with adequate water and/or a foam bed. Bright orange gerber daisies, orange and yellow marigolds, chrysanthemums, and orange berries are all great fall flower choices.

Spooky Decoration with the Ghost Plant

Use fresh flowers in Toronto combined with any Halloween décor to enhance the mood. The obvious choice is the Ghost plant, known as monotropa uniflora. This succulent in the jade family is very low maintenance. True to its name, the ghost plant has white flowering buds that are partially translucent as they drop downwards to the ground. 

Skeleton Vase with Seasonal Flowers

What screams Halloween more than a skeleton? Consider using a skull vase to host your themed arrangement. You can use seasonal flowers to match the colour of the skull. In fact, when it comes to Halloween-themed flowers, using contrasting black and white flowers can really make a floral arrangement pop. Alternately, you can opt for a dash of colour in your skeleton vase. The rich colours of deep orange, brown, burgundy, purple, and even black emit a moody atmosphere. Roses, bright sunflowers, white calla lilies, or purple alstroemeria or Liatris blooms are great choices. 

Using Dark Shade Flowers for Bouquets & Displays

Who says flowers can’t be used as Halloween decorations? Complement your pumpkins, ghouls, and spiders with some beautiful dark-coloured flowers on your porch and you’ll be the envy of every trick-or-treater (okay, maybe just their parents). Expand your colours from black to deep, dark shades of purples and burgundies. Choose from the deep purples of the zinnia, sweet potato vine, verbena, and calla lily. Roses and dahlias are also available in rich deep burgundy shades to add to the Halloween theme. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Choose Dead & Dry Plants with Flowers

Don’t throw away your deadheads from your garden or toss that delivered bouquet! Use these flowers for a dried and dead arrangement for your Halloween table. Dried Lunaria and hydrangeas can be manipulated to give an eerie and lifeless mood to your nearly forgotten flowers. 

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