A grand opening of a business, charitable centre or public venue deserves to be celebrated, especially in these times. One of the most impressive ways to share joy and encouragement is with flower stands and arrangements for grand opening ceremonies.

As a guest, whether you are able to attend the ceremony or not, sending floral arrangements can help convey your support for the new venture. As the owner or event planner, using floral décor to create a celebratory atmosphere can take the event to a sophisticated level.

Flower Arrangements for a Grand Opening Ceremony

Things to Consider when Choosing Flowers for a Grand Opening Ceremony

Why flowers? The appearance, the fragrance, and the overall symbolism of floral gifts offer the appropriate sentiment for a grand opening ceremony. But with all the opening ceremony decorations and gifts, it’s wise to take a step back and first consider a few other factors before you choose your flower arrangements. 

Consider Your Budget

When selecting the right flower gifts for a business opening, it is important to first consider your budget. Are you gifting a business an arrangement from a group or corporation, or is it a personal token from a friend or family member? The larger the floral arrangement, the more expensive it will be. In addition, certain flower species and styles will vary in price. 

Choose According to the Size & Space in the Venue

Speaking of size, consider how much available space there will be at the grand opening venue. Knowing the size of the location will help your florist design the appropriate floral gift with you. Size and space are two of the basic eight elements of floral design. For smaller enclosures, a petite table flower arrangement or a hanging basket may be more fitting than a large standing flower gift. 

Consider the Flower Significance and Meanings

Luxury flower gifts for corporate clients are a fantastic way to support any group or organization on their new ventures. One important consideration is the species and colour of the floral arrangements. Each flower and its respective colour represents a different sentiment within different cultures and regions of the world. Consider those that symbolize prosperity, joy, respect, and good luck. 

Choose According to the Theme

What is the theme of the grand opening ceremony? An invitation or recent social media announcement can give clues as to the nature of the establishment, the possible colours, and even perhaps a pre-showing of the location. Every type of business or organization has its own mission statement, logo, and theme. Use these descriptions to select the right floral gift. 

Consider Who You Are Gifting This To

In keeping with the theme and significance of flower species, consider the recipient(s). Congratulations gifts for corporate business owners could be traditional or classic while a more casual and fun business could benefit with a whimsical arrangement. 

Hire Professionals

Choosing the right floral gift can be overwhelming, especially for those who rarely deal with flowers of any kind. Hire a professional florist, like San Remo Florist, who has the knowledge, experience, and familiarity of working with different varieties of plants and flowers. Your florist can advise and perhaps interject on the appropriate arrangement as they may have orders from others for the same grand opening. This can help avoid sending the same genetic bouquet. 

Popular Flower Arrangements for a Grand Opening in Toronto

Everyday there is at least one type of grand opening ceremony in Toronto. Your local florist will have an idea of popular flower arrangements that will make a big statement. Here are some great ideas for floral arrangements that use local flowers and seasonal blooms. 

Warm and Lovely Flower Stands

Flower stands for grand opening ceremonies are one way to say congratulations. If the facility has adequate space, a flower stand expresses admiration, respect, and best wishes in the future endeavour. Stand arrangements for the opening ceremony can be delivered ahead of the celebration. Your local florist can make the proper arrangements for the special delivery

Customized Premium Seasonal Flower Bouquets

Seasonal flowers are part of the finer details of any decoration, regardless of the celebration. Having a customized floral gift of daffodils symbolize rebirth or new beginnings while yellow roses are congratulation flowers. For wishes of prosperity, send daisies or yellow orchids for pride and joy. 

Congratulatory Flower Baskets

Congratulatory flower baskets are a wonderful floral gift to send to a friend’s new business grand opening ceremony. Having bright, cheerful, and sizable blooms beautifully arranged in a colour-appropriate basket can convey your sentiments. 

Yellow and Shades of Pinks for Happy Vibes and a Positive Atmosphere

Yellow appears to be a recurring theme with joy, happiness, and pride. Creating an atmosphere of good tidings, enthusiasm, optimism, and warmth can help set the tone. The same can be conveyed with pink flowers. Pink represents femininity, healing, and positive energy, perfect for an all-women corporation. 

Contact San Remo Florist for the Best Flower Arrangements, Gifts, and Decor for a Grand Opening Ceremony

Allow the professionals at San Remo Florist to design and create an appropriate floral arrangement for your grand opening gift. Elaborate bouquets, subtle showcases, and high-end floral arrangements can create an elegant ambiance.

If you are the business owner, director, or event planner, consider having our team transform your venue for the grand ceremony. With custom floral backdrops for photos, floral stands, baskets, and bouquets, we can present the exact theme you have in mind. 

San Remo Florist has been working with local businesses and homeowners across the GTA for more than 50 years. Our dedication and expertise have earned us the title of Toronto’s premier flower shop.

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