As flowers are the perfect way to say “thank you” for all occasions, it only stands to reason that they are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving festivities this year! Whether you are hosting a family celebration or accepting an invitation to a friend’s dinner, flowers can express the right sentiment. 

Floral Arrangement Ideas for Thanksgiving

Here are some great floral arrangement ides for Thanksgiving 2022.

How to Choose Flower Arrangements for Thanksgiving in Toronto

When it comes to floral arrangements for Thanksgiving, there is an abundance of Fall colours to choose from. Reds, yellows, and oranges pop with shades of various green. 

Choose Loose Flower Arrangements with Creative Vases

When choosing floral arrangements for Thanksgiving, Mother Nature provides stunning colours of deep reds, lavish purples, and lush orange shades for seasonal blooms. Snap dragons, sunflowers, and orchids bloom glorious colours during October. Place them in a unique and creative vase or copper pots to set the Thanksgiving mood. 

Choose Traditional Thanksgiving Flowers

If you want to provide a more traditional Thanksgiving setting, miniature floral arrangements can enhance table settings, particularly in larger groups. If you’d like to add a dash of elegance, adding tapered candles can complement any floral arrangement. Placing an oval or rectangular-shaped table centerpiece gives a warm welcome to guests. Think mums adorned with brass candles and mini sunflowers. 

Select Flower Arrangements with Classic Fruits and Vegetables

Small gourds used as vases can display flowers set against a background of Fall foliage. Your local florist will be the best source to help design and create a seasonal floral arrangement with the addition of classic veggies and fruits. Corn, persimmon, artichokes, and pumpkins are the stars of the Fall harvest and can add a cozy feel to the centrepiece. 

Avoid Tall Flower Display Arrangements for Thanksgiving

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selecting the right Thanksgiving floral gift is building the centrepiece or bouquet without considering the setting of the table. If the flowers are going to be the showcase of your Thanksgiving table, use low-cut arrangements to prevent restricting guests’ view. 

Which Flowers Are Appropriate for Thanksgiving Celebrations in Toronto?

Floral gifts for Thanksgiving have no set rules, but why not use the stunning seasonal colours to brighten a table, hallway, or entryway. This is the time to enjoy freshly picked mums and sunflowers before the harsh winter snow begins to fall. 

Yellow Traditional Sunflowers

Traditional yellow sunflowers, also known to avid gardeners as helianthus, are thought to be the unofficial Fall flower. Thanksgiving and sunflowers go hand-in-hand as spirits are lifted and loved ones reunite. 


The love and friendship flower known as the rose can be found in blooms of bright yellow, soft orange, and deep shades of crimson. Fill your Thanksgiving centrepieces with heads of roses outlining a scenery of light greenery and seasonal berries. 

Seasonal Blooms

For seasonal blooms, your florist may suggest working with various shades of mums. These small but mighty flowers are available in soft pinks, white, and golden tones, perfect to blend into the Thanksgiving table. 


For homes or settings with allergy suffers, the best Fall flower is the goldenrod. Use one or more of the various 140 varieties to create a magnificent, and safe, atmosphere at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. 

Calla Lilies

Thanksgiving is a time to rejoice and share the joy of family and friends coming together. What better way to announce the beauty of the season than with the trumpet-shaped calla lily. The darker hues of the eggplant calla lily are perfect for Fall.

Dried and Preserved Flowers

These alternative blooms can also be carefully combined with fresh flowers and greenery to create a Fall theme. Add dried berries and copper beech leaves for an exquisite creation. 

Ideal Floral Arrangements for Thanksgiving from San Remo Florist

For the best flowers for Thanksgiving, speak to the floral design experts at San Remo Florist. We work closely with local suppliers, when possible, to create intimate and elaborate bouquets, arrangements, and floral gifts. Here are some great Thanksgiving arrangements to choose from: 

Traditional Flower Arrangements with Candlesticks

Tradition is part of the Thanksgiving celebration, and the floral arrangement can be customized to complement any home décor. Using miniature pumpkins, gourds, and berries, we can enhance your dinner table with votives or tampered candlesticks. 

Flower Arrangements with Green and Light Colour Shades

Various shades of dark and light greens can provide a luxurious theme. Allow our design experts to layer the selected hues of dark and bright colours to pop your table. 

Combination of Summer and Fall Blooms in Flower Arrangements

As our Canadian Thanksgiving is not long after summer ends, a floral arrangement highlighting seasonal tones with late summer blooms can be a lovely floral gift to your hostess. 

San Remo Florist Choice Vase Arrangements

Our floral experts use their special magic to design a deluxe arrangement of seasonal blooms. We offer a range of Fall vases to transform the Thanksgiving dinner table into a work of art. 


Customized Lush Collection of Flowers in Arrangements

For luxury floral arrangements for Thanksgiving, leave it to San Remo’s floral consultants. Our lush collection of hibiscus, lilies, and roses will surely be the main topic of dinner. 

Floral Arrangements with Red and Orange Roses

Imagine presenting your hostess with a huge bouquet of red and orange long-stemmed roses! Our arrangements of roses complete with seasonal berries and greenery are the perfect floral gift. 

Hand Tied Flowers for Thanksgiving Gifts

With the creativity of our design team, you can use these lavish and tied flower bouquets as table decor or even as parting gifts for your guests. 

Floral Arrangements with Pumpkin Vase

If your Thanksgiving table is intended to make a bold statement, consider a stunning floral centrepiece set within a pumpkin vase. This is a fantastic way to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Choose San Remo Florist for Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements & Delivery in Toronto

When searching for floral decorations for Thanksgiving, turn to San Remo Florists. We offer customized flower arrangements and décor delivered in time for Thanksgiving. With more than 50 years of experience, San Remo Floral is the preferred floral studio for Thanksgiving floral arrangements. Jim and his staff use only the freshest flowers, many from local suppliers, to bring joy and happiness with reliable delivery! Contact our consultants at (416) 652-1822 to begin your flower arrangement plans!