Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for your loved one’s this holiday season? Giving them beautiful Christmas floral gifts and arrangements in Toronto can be a welcomed surprise! The fragrance and sight of colourful bouquets and floral arrangements enhances the ambiance of a decorated room. 

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What Flowers Are Appropriate for Christmas?

When choosing Christmas floral gifts for your home or for a Christmas party host, there are many appropriate flowers to send. 

Christmas Cactus

Many plant lovers rejoice when their Christmas cactus actually blooms during the holiday season. In spite of its name, this plant can bloom gorgeous white, pink, or red flowers at any time of the year. 

European Holly

Holly is often associated with most Christmas traditions for their bright red berries and amazing green leaves. It is believed it was holly that was used to create the crown of thorns that was laid upon the head of Jesus at the crucifixion. The European holly is the one we are accustomed to seeing this time of year.

White and Red Roses

Classic white and red roses provide a traditional touch to any Christmas table while offering a loving sentiment for the recipient. The red rose has been assigned to symbolize love while the colour white symbolizes peace and purity. 


The pansy is a small flower with a unique design upon its petals. Considered a hardy plant, this flower can be used as part of floral gifts for its deep rich colours of red, white, purple, orange, and blue.  


Commonly referred to as the “Christmas plant”, the poinsettia is available in an array of white, green, pink, and red colours. The features of this plant are thought to resemble the Star of Bethlehem and red is chosen by Christians to represent the blood of Christ.  

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid adds a touch of sophistication to any floral arrangement or as a floral gift on its own. Choose a purple, violet, or red-purple shade of this flower for a stunning colour scheme to your Christmas décor. 


Within the daffodil family, there is a small fragrant flower called the paperwhite. For Christmas use, the pop of white coordinates beautifully with seasonal flowers. Paperwhites symbolize renewal and rebirth, the perfect sentiment for this time of year. 

Tips for Decorating Christmas Trees with Flowers

The first tip for decorating a Christmas tree with flowers is to choose the right type of tree to complement the décor. A small potted tree can be a centerpiece for a large table, a foyer, or a side showpiece in a hallway. 

Create a Floral Garland Around the Tree Using Colourful Flowers

Christmas tree decorations with flowers can be enhanced by creating a floral garland to wrap around the front of the tree at varying levels. Placing seasonal flowers in garland in a nonspecific pattern will produce a more natural vibe to the tree than a uniformed pattern. 

Add Natural Greens and Flowers to the Base

For a spectacular nature décor, consider lining the base of the tree with flowers and greenery, bringing the eye to absorb the entire tree. Use small cuts of boughs, flower stems, and the flower heads to place around the entire base of the tree to hide the trunk. 

Tuck Fresh Flowers and Stems into the Christmas Tree

Attach the fresh floral blooms in areas where the tree may be lacking volume to provide a more natural look. Adding baby’s breath and/or eucalyptus along the branches can give an illusion as being part of the tree. 

Arrange Christmas Tree Ornaments Correctly

Place Christmas ornaments around the tree to highlight the floral décor. Depending on the theme of the tree decorations, use glass or wooden ornaments with earth tones. Small ornaments are best to use as fillers. 

Light Up the Christmas Tree with Lighting

Adding Christmas lights to the tree provides a warm ambiance to any room. Using fairy lights with copper wiring allows for the wire to be blended into the tree for a more subtle appearance. 

Christmas Floral Gift Ideas from San Remo Florist

The creative team at San Remo Florist offers a variety of stunning Christmas floral gift ideas for everyone on your list, including you! 

Stunning Floral Vase Arrangements

Stunning vase arrangements with seasonal flowers can be the perfect way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any Christmas décor. San Remo offers a regular exchange service of fresh cut flowers to be delivered on schedule. 

High-Quality Fresh Flowers

High-quality fresh flowers can be the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for person on your list this Christmas. Available as a subscription service, San Remo’s selection of seasonal blooms and accent greenery will delight anyone.   

High-Quality fresh flowers

Corporate Floral Gifts for Offices & Workplaces

The season of giving extends to those who have returned to the office on a regular basis. Christmas is the perfect time to install Zen and harmony into the workplace with a special floral arrangement with a ceramic Buddha head vase adorned with tropical plants. 

Roses Vase Arrangements for Christmas

Christmas represents love and the romance of the holiday season. San Remo offers customized arrangements using beautiful long stem roses carefully selected based on the desired message from the sender. 

Customized Floral Arrangements

For a sophisticated floral arrangement for the person who deserves the very best, choose our selection of customized arrangements. We offer a luxurious bouquet or table arrangement featuring seasonal orchids to set the tone of the holidays. 

Customized floral arrangements

Floral Gift Baskets for Christmas

San Remo offers personalized floral gift baskets based on the recipient’s décor and likes. We use winter greens, candles, lights, and natural rustic décor to accentuate the sweet blooms of winter flowers. 

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Contact San Remo Florist for Christmas Floral Gifts & Fresh Flowers in Toronto

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